A letter from God

Are you falling to pieces?

Do you feel like the world is passing mindlessly by?

Do you test your ready-made smile in the mirror, hoping to pass it off as a happy one?

Have you ever wondered, if anyone cared or knew that you felt this way?

Are you choking back a sob right now, knowing that you’ve had one of those days?

Let me tell you,

You are so precious to me.

I’m here for you.

In the dark lonely nights,

I’m just a thought away.

When you are feeling lost and alone…

I’m here for you.

I set the universe in motion, I put the sun in the sky. I timed the earth’s internal clock and I created the seed of all living things.

I’m big enough to be in the smallest details of your life.

I’m here for you.

All I ever wanted was you as my child, and a family to call my own.

Before the overthrow of the heavens, I chose you.

And I am here, whispering your name.

When you fall to pieces…even if there are a million tiny shards, I’ll stay with you and put them all back together again, because I love you.

When you woke this morning, I waited there.

I know you worry,

but don’t.

I eat problems big and small for breakfast, and yours my child, will be no different. Come, we’ll sit and talk them out together. You’ll see them disappear.

I saw when you said you were sorry, for the fiftieth time today. I forgave you and forgot the very first time.

I love those sweet moments when you study my Word, and you see how much love I have in there for you.

A million nights of darkness could never put out the single light, that’s inside you. But my adversary the devil tries to convince you it could.

It won’t.

Your personality, your quirky sense of humor, your laugh, your inner most heart’s desires, all of these, I know and love about you, because you are precious to me.

When I think of you, my thoughts are to bless, protect, and love you. I long for goodness all the days of your long life. I wish above all things, that you are healthy and prosperous, then I gave you the gift of holy spirit to help you make it so.

Our time together is not short, it will go on for an eternity and beyond. I love you, I have blessed you, because you are my child. Could you ask anything less of a parent?

Jesus Christ, gave his life willingly, when I showed him all that was to be done. He knew what he had to do would be tough, but then…

I showed him you.

When you are falling to pieces…remember, discouragement is a trick, condemnation is down-judgement, and self-loathing, or guilt, is none of mine.

I am love, I am light, in my heart is goodness and truth. Follow after righteousness and you will be filled.

Truth needs no defense. It stands the test of time. It endures the scourging flames of accusation and then makes men free.

I love you my child.

Come, walk with me.




I imagine a letter from God would sound like this, in my own words. God bless you!

Terri Porta


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