7 Tips to Gaining Peace

How much would you pay for peace?

Not just in one area, but the whole of your life? Here are a few quick tips on gaining peace.

  1. Be willing to yield on insignificant matters.
  2. To gain the practical benefits of the Word of God, you have to be willing to apply them.
  3. Renewing your mind is putting the Word in mind and acting accordingly.
  4. Change happens at a snail’s pace sometimes, so be patient with yourself.
  5. A frightful few of us have an appetite for the Word, but that can be developed, cultivated and prayed for.
  6. Work as if the day of Jesus Christ’s return is a thousand years away, but live as if it could be any moment.
  7. Peace is Forgiveness enjoyed. Enjoy! I John 1:9

You can do it! Have fun!

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