Timeless Toddler Tidbits

10 Timeless Toddler Tidbits

1. Laugh at silliness. Find your sense of humor, laughter is just plain good medicine.

2. Anything fuzzy deserves a hug.

Happiness is found when the ordinary wonders of life are appreciated.

3. If something doesn’t taste good spit out quick and don’t try it again.

Life serves up some nasty dishes sometimes. Spit them out and don’t look back.

4. Run in the rain and jump in the puddles.

Be thankful for all the days, each one teaches it’s own lesson and is filled with it’s own adventure.

5. Say, “Please” after every request. Good manners never go out of style.

6. Run to Mommy and/or Daddy whenever you’re not sure.

God is the ultimate place to find comfort and peace. Run to him whenever you’re not sure.

7. Dump out every box, basket and bin of toys.

Our problems appear different when we spread it out before the Lord.

8. Dance to all the good songs.

Music lightens the mood and lifts heavy hearts. Sing and give praise even if you are feeling down. You will surprise yourself with a silly feeling, laughter and fun will be soon to follow.

9. Play hard.

Put 100% of yourself into your projects and life. Work hard, pray hard and play hard too, find the joy in everyday living.

10. Sleep when you’re tired, get up when you’re done.

God Bless You Today!

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