Are You a Game Changing Player?

Yvonne stared over a cup of hot Seattle’s Best coffee at her son. He sat holding an acceptance notice for the football team. She thought he’d be excited to play but he grumpily crumpled the paper and sat glaring at her.

She plastered on her best cheerleader smile, “Honey, you know you can do football if you want, in fact I think you’ll be the best quarter back ever!” she said.

“Mom, I am not any good at football. Every time I’ve played it I get run over by the bigger kids. The coach says, he’ll give me a shot at quarterback, but I don’t know if I want to try. I’m not good at it so what’s the use,” he replied and then swept the wad of a potentially wonderful team sports experience off the counter.

Yvonne looked into the scared eyes of her teenager and replied, “All you have to do is move your feet.”

“What?” he asked.

“Move your feet. Action cures fear, so just keep moving,” Yvonne replied then walked around the counter and hugged him, “All the game changing quarter backs do it.”

He looked at her and then chuckled, “I guess that would be easy enough to do.” And then he got up and did just that.

Are you a Game Changer?

Here are 5 Tips on how to become one.

1. Be honest. If you know a commitment is too much admit it and decline. You’re responsible to God, yourself, and your family, not some committee.  **A word of caution: The devil will talk or trick you out of something that is potentially a “Game-Changer” for you.** Go to God and “check-in”, with a “Will-Do” attitude on every meeting and club you belong to. He will know what will truly be the best direction to go and then–just move your feet.
2. Calculate the odds of success, not failure. How many of us, sit and contemplate all the, “Could go wrong” scenarios before we even start a project. When you catch yourself doing this stop and put it in the positive. What if–it could go right, or better than right? Listing the pros and cons is how the defining of a project happens, but not how it succeeds.
3. Re-evaluate often. Be flexible with the details. Details don’t define your journey the destination does. This life is the journey, eternal paradise is the destination. But if you’re hung up on the details, all you do is make the journey tougher to endure. If something isn’t working cut it out.

4. Keep working on it with God. He deals out the rewards at the end of this life–not man. When a project slows or fails miserably and you want to blame yourself remember– what you get out of life is between you and God. What if you fall out of fellowship with him and sin? It says in his word he doesn’t calculate your sins against you…he’s not even keeping track. Psalms 103:10 He hath not dealt with us after our sins; nor rewarded us according to our iniquities.  He is however, either in fellowship with you or out. This is your choice. Just get back in fellowship with him. He yearns to help you and show you the truth. The truth being that he loves you and he knew things went wrong, this world throws us for a loop. Do we punish a baby for falling when they are learning to walk? No way! That would be abusive. So why do we think God is going to punish us for trying? Nothing is more important than your relationship with him. I promise. 🙂

5. Dig in to a solid routine. Having a plan of action to daily improve your walk with God is paramount towards your success. Relegate the routine to a strong daily habit. When you get up spend some time and pray with your understanding, read the word, and check in with God about what to do to bless. This will improve, strengthen and change the circumstances in your life. It truly will change the game for you.

God Bless and thanks for stopping by today!

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