A Protest of the Un-Blessed

Which would you rather have in a relationship: squabbles daily that over time erodes your self-esteem or World War 2 battles that happen once a decade but break up the entire unit?

Which is worse; the little hole in a jug of oil seeping into a river or a massive downspout of it?

What would you rather do; spend a day in jail or spend a day in a doctor’s office being tested for a deadly disease?

Would you rather have; a political candidate resist change and stop something potentially good from happening? Or bring change with open arms and cause the stock market to plummet along with issuing in economic suicide for a country?

      These are the choices we are given every day. But why? Why are we asking ourselves these questions? Okay, that’s not really fair I did present them here. But aren’t these the questions we deal with all the time even as Christians? I’m here to make a protest of the un-blessed!

Every time we as humans make a choice there is conflict. If I have Mayonnaise on my hamburger I make a choice to put a (delicious… mind you) fat filled product into my body. If I decide to push the snooze button on my alarm clock and sleep another ten minutes I choose to, not be as ready for the day and maybe skip my time with God or shorten it. For what, sleep? They say no one plans to fail, they just fail to plan. Thereby creating conflict. Some people go to tremendous lengths to avoid conflict, and believers especially. But I say…

God's Majesty + Man's Diligence = Surrender & Truth

Let’s embrace it!

       “Embrace conflict?” you ask. “YES!” For all the weak-kneed Christians out there, I want to help you with a perspective adjustment. Didn’t God give us freewill? Doesn’t that imply conflict? Conflict, the word, is neither positive nor negative within itself. It is simply a struggle. Most Christians believe we have to fight the devil off at every turn, I have to disagree on one major point. Jesus Christ already fought and WON that battle for us. IF we, as God’s Kids, are jumping at shadows looking for everyplace that the devil is working in our lives…guess what you are going to find it! And you’ll invite more in by your focus on it. But if we change our perspective, just tweak it a little. (And I’m not swinging into the “there is no devil” court, so don’t worry. I know he’s very much out there working.) I’m talking about a mental shift a self-realization here. You are God’s child, through what Jesus Christ did.

Let’s embrace the conflict and win the promises of God’s Word in our lives. Every promise has two parts. Part (A) is your effort, your heart change, and your perspective. Part (B) is what God will do once we meet the conditions of part (A). This is a GIANT incentive program. God is the creator of the ultimate good deal. He designed it as a carrot put out in front of us motivating us to want a better life. As freewill beings we have the choice. If we don’t make the choice to go for those promises, then we have the conflict (struggle) of not achieving it. Promises such as Proverbs 3:5-6; (Part A) Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not unto your own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he (Part B) shall direct thy paths.

I challenge you today to embrace the conflict and win. Protest the un-blessed with me and be blessed. Look for God working in your life and surely you will find him. The questions you ask will begin to sound like this.

“Should I live abundantly today or MORE than abundantly today?”

With God that is more than available.

When did you choose the blessing instead? I’d love to hear from you.

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