Credentials? How Much is Enough?

The United States college and educational system is a multi-million dollar industry. If we add all the how-to-workshops, and correspondence courses in, it is up in the billions of dollars. We strive for the signed documentation that states, “You Graduated”. As I look over the myriad of courses, training programs, and college I’ve enrolled in, it would add up to the tens of thousands of dollars I’ve spent, for what? A piece of paper? There is that new skill you learned…right? Such as being an attorney or a real estate agent. Heck, I don’t want someone cutting my hair, or operating on me without it! But is there ever a point where, all the training in the world ends, in its ability to see results come to pass in your life?

What about credentials with God? Do they matter? 

“The value of an Individual far outweighs their credentials. However, credentials can build confidence, self-esteem, and knowledge in an area.” Bill Porta

Should we then, run out and sign up for the next college semester? This is where we depend on our relationship with God to guide us. Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on thine own understanding, in all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths. The Word is our standard to live by. But it doesn’t say in there, “Molly, go get a bachelor’s degree in Art”. So…we have to go to God, find out what will work. I know all kinds of people with expensive degrees, who have not used that degree at all since they got it. I know others, who went back to college and found exactly what they needed and are using that knowledge continually. It’s on an individual need basis. But I can tell you one thing…

Credentials got Moses the job as leader of Israel, and helped him to lead, but those credentials didn’t part the Red Sea.

It wasn’t his credentials that led the millions of Hebrews through the desert with a pillar of fire by night, and a pillar of smoke by day. We need miracles! We need signs, wonders, and the power of the Almighty hand of God in our life. Our striving for an education in this world can sometimes get our priorities out of whack. What are we really striving for? A better job, more money? Recognition? Love? Philippians 4:13 But my God shall supply all your need by his riches in glory.  Does this mean if you go to God he won’t want you to get that degree? Not at all.

It means go to God first.

He may say “Yes!” do it. He may say, “No, it would be a waste of time and money now.” But the humility comes in, when you stop, ask and then obey. God isn’t against worldly education. We need it. Sometimes we need it more than other times.

Look at Moses! He grew up in the home of the Pharaoh where he had the finest education in all of Egypt at his finger tips. He needed that training. But if that was all he would’ve accomplished, would he make history? After he got humble and started listening to God that’s when things started shaking around Egypt. I implore you to stop before you run out and enroll in the next seminary, college, or correspondence course. Stop. Ask God. He knows your heart, your ability, and your time restraints. He knows what will bless your life now, and in the future. I promise once you do, it will change history. Then you’ll start getting what I like to call, “On the job training.” A blog topic for a whole new series.

How can you make today your starting day.

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