New Posting Strategy..What do you think?

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Welcome to Post #77

Yeah! I’m almost to 100 posts! For all of those who have read most or any of the 76 earlier posts I congratulate you! You are an amazing group of compassionate people, and I know someday I will get to meet you all in person. If not here…in the air!

Past posts of Supporting Godly Women were a loosely structured Bible study. Some of it was just me ranting too, but basically they were my understandings and perspectives of topics in Bible.

We are going to morph.

We get our English word morph from Greek. The Greek word metamorphoo, is found in Romans 12:2 translated to the word “be ye transformed”. It is from the Greek compound word meta meaning; with, after, behind, and morhpoo; meaning, to form. Romans 12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. This Greek word is saying transform in such a profound way that it is like the caterpillar that goes into its cocoon and comes out with wings. It matures. A flightless, slow youngster completely transforms adding tremendous new mobility. It also becomes more beautiful, efficient and takes on a whole new task. Butterflies help pollinate the flowers and fruit trees. Each butterfly can now travel greater distances and look spectacular doing so. I’ve even heard of a species of Monarch butterflies migrating in huge numbers thousands of miles to propagate their DNA. Quite a transformation and yes, this blog is also going change.

How will it change?

My posts are now, erratic and unscheduled. I am going to change that and post shorter nibbles every morning from the Word. I have succeeded so far at keeping my posts in the 500-700 word range, now they will be 350 words max. Why do you need to know all of this? Because you subscribe to this post and I like you. I’m also going to center each post around one or a few verses in the Bible. I say a few because it’s a pet peeve of mine when people take things out of context. One verse sometimes doesn’t explain it. I’ve decided to go through the book of Ephesians. It will have a devotional feel to it.


Why Ephesians?

Because it is God’s love letter to his kids. I am drooling over the prospect of all the learning I’ll receive by going through it. God is love, right? Ephesians is like his personal love letter to us. What greater subject could we study? His love blesses and protects.

To keep myself accountable and get in the habit of the under 350 word count, I’m going to put the word count at the bottom of each post. To anyone new it will simply look like a number sitting there, but you and I will know that it is the word count. This is a Biblical nibble or snack. Not a whole meal or one of my meatier classes on a subject. I hope you like the idea.

Let me know what you think. Your feedback is crucial!


6 thoughts on “New Posting Strategy..What do you think?”

  1. I think I will miss reading the format in its entirety, only because I so enjoy every one of them. I do look forward to your new format though and am excited to see how much you can pack into 350 words from studying the book of Ephesians.

  2. I guess I sort of liked that “randomness” that prompted all sorts of cute, funny and inspirational commets from my youngster with a picture that spoke a thousand words too. You seemed to hit the nail on the head most days–thank you divine Holy Spirit– and still had the meat that we needed. But… Ephesians is a rich, deep, highly digestable love letter that will teach, inspire and direct all who venture in either by their tip toes or taking the cannon ball approch! Any word from God is a morsel worth hearing–Go for it!

    1. Yes, I agree about Ephesians. This is also in preperation for the launching of my new website on, coming very soon. SGW will still have the quirky inspirational feel too. Strategy planning has met several angles here with a plan to offer some freebie stuff on my website that is meatier as well. So keep a look out. Lots of great stuff on the horizon! Thank you for your feedback!

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