I Didn’t Deserve it…

Ephesians 1:7; In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace.

Welcome to my one-verse-at-a-time study of Ephesians!

(Okay… I know I have to say more than just WOW, in a 350-word post, but all I want to say is WOW.)



Redemption means “being bought back”. Jesus Christ was our propitiation or our payment in full. What does all that mean? It means something happened to get us into deeeeep doo-doo a long time ago. (Sorry all you academia’s, I spend a lot of time with a two-year old.) What could have gotten us into that much trouble? The same thing that gets my two-year-old into trouble, disobedience. Adam and Eve were disobedient and gave all of their rights, power, authority, and dominion in this world, to the Devil, God’s arch-enemy.

Opps…right. Now, God had to get us out of that doo-doo. But to get us out, he had to give his only begotten son. John 3:16a says; God so loved us that he gave his only begotten son. Jesus paid in full, with his blood, to get all that power, authority and sonship rights back for us. I didn’t deserve it, but he bought me back anyways.

How much would you have to love someone to give up your son?


That’s where the “riches of his grace” comes in. God is rich, by his own (massive) standards, in grace. He’s big enough to love us when we don’t deserve it, and pull us up out of the clutches of his enemy. He paid a big price for our freedom, but look what he has in return. Adopted children who, by their freewill, choose to love him. And he loves you. So much that he didn’t stop at just salvation, he also gave you the equipment to  have a more than abundant life.

John 10:10b says, I am come that they might have life, and that they might have [it] more abundantly.



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