What Came First, the Chicken McNuggets or the Egg McMuffin? Part 2

Can we laugh at life for a minute?

I want to know if you have ever done one of the following…

Have you ever….
Swallowed a bug as you were explaining how much you hate bugs hitting you while riding your bike? Pure irony there.

Mommy, Are you Sure That....(fill in the rest)

Fill in the blanks above. What could make Isaac look so unsure? It doesn’t have to be silly but I can guarantee you that it was.

Have you ever…
Walked around in public after being spit up on down your back, and didn’t know it? At least until your spouse pointed it out when you got home.

Have you ever…Prided yourself in the speech you just gave, only to realize your zipper was wide open the entire time?

Have you ever…Walked through the mall with a trail of toilet paper hooked to your shoe, that finally came off when a mall cop grabbed the end and accused you of stealing? Yeah, me either but that happened to a friend of mine. LOL!

Have you ever…Drank your morning coffee all the way down before you realized that it was yesterday’s cup? Mornings… what can I say?

Do you have a “Have you ever….” silly, embarrassing, funny story you’d like to share? I’d love to hear it. Become a contributor to making one person laugh today. Maybe we’ll go viral. 🙂

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