Are You Coming?

Ephesians 2:6 And hath raised us up together and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus,

A man trudged along downtrodden and broken. His life lay in ruins, his heart shattered to pieces.

He went to the Lord and prayed. A vision of a front porch with a swing came to mind. He stumbled up the stairs, sat down with a heaving sigh and cried. His heart lay open and wounded.

The Lord wrapped him in warmth and eased his mind. His words melted the man’s pride, healed his hurting heart, and bandaged his soul.

The man smiled and breathed deeply for the first time.

He rose from the swing and went down his way.

Over and over he returned to the front porch in his mind, sitting for a while and pouring his heart out to the Lord.

Over and over his heart was restored and blessed again.

One day a message came over the radio, it beckoned the man to come before the high and mighty throne of God! To bow himself on the grand steps of heaven and receive forgiveness.

The man wondered at the message and prayed,

“You’re throne room must be a place of wonder Lord. From that seat you crafted the heavens, hung the stars in place and created the morning dew. The stairs must mount up on wings of eagles, your feet must sit in the depths of the sea!”

“It is a place of wonder my son.

Oh, the miracles I’ve seen!

Utter destruction of the human soul,

Restored piece by piece,

Each broken shard loved back together

until their better than before.

Abuse and sorrow,

gone before breakfast.

All those problems and fears!

My truth heals, my peace sustains,

my grace is sufficient…you see.

You’re right My Son,

this is a place of wonder,

But it is as simple,

as a porch and a swing.

God Bless you today.


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