5 Keys: Rekindle Your Motivation

Ephesians 3:1; For this cause I Paul, the prisoner of Jesus Christ for you Gentiles.


What is your cause?

What path are you on? And what motivates you to keep going? This hasn’t been the Garden of Eden for a long time. When times are hard, or your faith is tested like Paul who wrote Ephesians from prison, what do you do to keep going? Whatever your goal or cause here are a few keys to rekindling it.

1. Discover the Hole. Everyone has people, places or activities that suck the motivation out of their cause. It’s like a hole in the bucket of your joy. Discovering the source of those holes can help you repair them. Look especially close at your time and distractions. The urgent shoves itself in front of the important.

2. Define your cause. Why your Cause is your Cause. Is it the kind of “why” you can’t ignore? My “why” is bounding through my life and wrapping his happy arms around my legs constantly, his name is Isaac. I want a better life for my son.

3. Take Action. Action is the killer of procrastination. If the mother is motivation the father is action. Together they create confidence and faith.

4. Find Your One. I would rather run with one person than drag twenty. If you are the leader of a group, find the one that wants to run with you. There may be more than one, it may touch the world, but if you start with one, you’ve already made a difference.

5. Keep it Fresh. Your goals have the power to focus you, but if you meet them and don’t continue this cycle you will fall flat again. Fresh new goals and excitement can launch you forward.

Then repeat this process.


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