Wow, Have You Heard?

Ephesians 3:2; If ye have heard of the dispensation of the grace of God which is given me to you-ward:

Literal Translation of this verse.

Have you heard and understood the administration of the grace of God, because God’s grace which was given to me is for your benefit. 

Dispensation is oikonomia in the Greek, and another word for administration. Administration is like a President’s administration. And Paul was given the understanding of the Grace Administration.

What is the “Grace” administration?

It, like a Presidency, is a span of time. Are you saying there are different administrations on God’s timetable? Yes. And they started with Adam and Eve in the Original Paradise and will end when we reign on this world after Revelations in the Final Paradise.

There are seven different administrations, we are in the fifth one. It began in Acts 2:1 when God made us his spiritual children with incorruptible seed by pouring out the Holy Spirit. It ends in Jude 1:25 when Jesus Christ returns to take all of God’s kids home with him.

Why do we call it the Grace Administration? By grace we are saved. Ephesians 2:5. There are several teachings available on this topic, and for a wonderful in-depth study go to Specifically the “Understanding the Bible” seminar.

The Grace Administration has tons of perks and bennies for the believer. For example; we have sonship rights, in that we are sanctified, justified, redeemed, are made righteous and have the ministry of reconciliation. We get direct access to the Father, by one spirit. We are joint-heirs with Christ. We have the power of the Holy Spirit and all its operations. Not to mention we have God’s promises to bank on and can earn eternal rewards for our walk with God. WOW! When Paul asks have you heard, he is asking a big question. There are so many benefits we believers get by studying the Word. I mentioned above only a few of those treasures locked inside his Word!

So can I ask? Have you heard about all that God did for you?


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