6 Tips to: Refine Your Purpose

Ephesians 3:11; According to the eternal purpose which he purposed in Christ Jesus our Lord.

  1. Define your limit. The sky is the limit with a believer but you still need to know what that will look like. Define it. 
  2. Let God help You. A great question is, “God, if you were me what would you shoot for in life?” Simple, but effective.
  3. Take a step. We only know what the next step is to take, so take it. Then go back to God and ask, “What’s next?”
  4. Write an affirmation statement. Keep your purpose in front of you like shewbread, a purpose needs to have a designated place. (My bathroom mirror held mine for a long time.)
  5. Protect it. Don’t let the adversary talk you out of your dreams. They are God-given, God-checked, and God-directed. If you stop mid-stream you are halting a divinely ordained project, so protect it. If your dream is to know God better, by all means protect it.
  6. Be Flexible. God works with what he has, so should we. If the ideal is an A+, but a C- shows up. Be flexible and be thankful. God specializes in making a C- into A++s. Note* You may have noticed that my posts have been longer. I realized that I also need to stay flexible. If more should be said on a subject but my limit is 350 words, I’m not being flexible. I hope you are all as excited about that as I am.

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