How To Walk…Spiritually

Ephesians 3:17; That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love…

English is an amazing consortium of misused, battered and borrowed words. It is a language unequal to the task of truly grasping the depth of meaning. Yet English is what we have. Greek is far more precise in its expression of thoughts, and heart. Yet even Greek doesn’t fully illustrate the depth of a sentence such as the one above. To extract all of God’s heart we have to dig deeper and examine word usages. It is also a partial sentence divided in half by a verse marker the complete thought will have to wait for tomorrow. I was going to dissect the entire sentence but found this one verse is enough for today. Mainly because it describes a conditional state of being. A choice of how to walk.

Look at the verbs including their modifiers.



by Faith

while being rooted

and grounded

in love

Did you see the choice?

Let’s work backwards. Agape, or love is a spiritual love. The only way to get agape is from the source, God is agape. Verse 16 told us to strengthen our inner man with might. Verse 17: “That”–the reason being, so you can get more love.

Get it, live in it, soak in it and act out on it.

How do we do that? This is all in context of verse 16 and spiritual sweat. Every action causes a reaction. We sweat spiritually thereby becoming more rooted and grounded in the spiritual reality, love. How do we sweat spiritually? By operating the holy spirit. There are 9 ways to do that. The first is our prayer language as I talked about yesterday. Learn it well because we can only give out of the substance of what we are, and what we have. God gives the same way. Is it so surprising? This is why our 5 senses are so totally unreliable in determining spiritual truths. Only God knows how to grow you up spiritually. He gave us a wonderful tool to get that accomplished. It is the beginning of leadership and faith. It is the place where love dwells.

It’s a walk folks. You take a step, God takes a step, you take a step, God takes a step. You end up stronger and more inline with God’s will.

Exciting isn’t it!

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