Fill Your Tank

Ephesians 3:19; And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fulness of God.


It is time for a new car at the Porta house. When my husband and I go out to buy, I am going to first get recommendations and spec sheets on the vehicle. A few weeks ago I had my eye on a newer used Toyota 4-Runner. I thought I wanted a car or truck but decided to try an SUV to see if they suited me better. It was a superb choice! I didn’t realize just how much until after I test drove it. This one had heated leather seats a sunroof I would’ve stopped right there. But this 4-Runner was a LE. I didn’t know that means it’s loaded with bells and whistles. I could touch a button to turn on the 4×4 wheel drive. It had extra plug-ins, a radio on the steering wheel and tons of other things too! It was awesome! Of course I fell head over heels for it.

My Toyota 4Runner
Image by jwinfred via Flickr

What does this have to do with our verse today?

Ephesians is the spec sheet for all that God gave you in Christ. It is the bells and whistles of this new vehicle you received when you got born again. This verse is telling you that God wants you to take a drive and fall in love with it! It’s the luxury SUV of spiritual vehicles. You’re ownership provides a GPS (God, Prayer, and Support) a lifetime warranty, faith for the 4×4 off-road challenges. Its loaded with air bags (grace) for sudden impact and gas for your tank, called the 9 manifestations such as your prayer language, healing, miracles and believing. You are set to go now, all you have to do is operate it.  Don’t you want to cruise down the highway of life and never get lost? It’s available to have a peaceful fun time right here. Are you ready?

Okay then, fill the tank and lets GO!

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