Join Me Today, until Christmas

Ephesians 4:15; But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, [even] Christ.

Does the verse above say; But speaking the truth in constructive criticism? Or speaking the truth according to how I interpret the Bible? What does it all boil down to? LOVE. Love is the powering force that edifies us from the inside out.

Auxano is the Greek verb for “grow up”. This is a very interesting word. This growth happens inside plants. A great definition is: to grow without compulsion from the inside out. When the conditions are met for a seed it will germinate, if the conditions continue to be met the seed grows into a plant. With cultivated precision the plant, if fruit bearing, can produce fruit. Agriculture specialists work this to its most productive end. The best growers get the best fruit. God is the best grower of all.

What cultivates Auxano–growth without compulsion– in the believer? Love. What attracts the unbeliever? Love. What leads the leader? Love. Leaders lead their own thoughts first. How? With Love. Okay now I’m just harping, right? Not really because it’s not just any love that can cultivate auxano. It’s God’s love or agape. Agape is not an emotional based love. It is a logical decision to obey Him. Agape/Love sees past the drama, into the hurting heart and then heals it.

The holidays are rapidly approaching. Would anyone like to join me in an exercise of leadership and love from now until Christmas? Leadership starts inside us first, right? The holiday’s are a perfect opportunity to show, not tell, others what is auxono-ing/growing in you. 🙂 We can communicate on our joint progress here in the comments and throughout the coming weeks.

Here is the Excercise:

  1. Ask God WHO you should bless today?
  2. Ask God how (precisely) to bless them today, and I mean really tenderly reach out and bless them.

Keep in mind 4 keys:

  1. This is between you and God so if something didn’t work out, go back to him. He wants you to succeed. Keep going back till you do hit the nail on the head.
  2. The greatest cargos in life come in over quiet seas. Keep your thoughts quiet when you go to God, let him do the talking.
  3. Use a pen and paper to write down what you get. They say the weakest ink is stronger than the strongest memory.
  4. These acts of kindness are going to lead to opportunities to speak the Word, remember what started this, love. Out of love you are blessing people. You don’t have to tell them about this excercise but you may want to. What ever you do speak the truth in love.

I’ll be reporting on my findings. I’d love to hear from you on yours.

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