How to Keep Relationships from Sucking…

(ah-hem)…the life out of you!!


Ephesians 4:25; Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath.


I know, you already knew that right. Hey, let’s be honest…relationships take work. Constant work. I’m here to reveal an amazing shortcut to fulfilling relationships that don’t suck..(ah-hem) a Dyson vacuum at full power.

What makes relationships suck…(ah-hem)…like quicksand on a hot summer day?

Lack of communication and broken fellowship. Duh…right. Come on Terri tell us something we didn’t know.

We all already know that avoidance, silent treatments, passive aggressive remarks, sarcasm, and put-downs are behavioral symptoms of hurt feelings and broken fellowship; and the only way to get to the bottom of that sore is to dig deep and remove the cause with an apology and forgiveness…soo I won’t go there.

Oh, and we all know the sooner you do this the better, right at the point of infraction, if possible. It’s all just basic communication stuff we learned in kindergarten so I’ll get right to the shortcut. This method will keep you relationships from sucking..(ah-hem)..the joy from your life. Here goes. One magic formula that creates awe-inspiring relationships coming up!


The cocoa bean.

Chocolate! YUP!

Like Lightening McQueen on Cars 1 the cocoa bean, “inspires feeling in others they themselves do not understand.” Chemicals from chocolate go to the pleasure center of your brain and register happiness. LOL! WHO knew right!

(okay…you all probably knew that one too.)

Well, since I don’t have a magic formula apply the chocolate, then do the above verse.

You’ll be “golden”…actually more like Mocha brown or white or dark.


White chocolate is marketed by confectioners a...Image via Wikipedia


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