It’s a Day For Celebration!

Today, I’m Celebrating with You!

We have reached chapter 5 of Ephesians, which I will begin study tomorrow. Yipee! Today I want to give a little credit to those of you out there who mean so much to me. I have a special thank you gift for you who follow this blog. Since day one we have posted 172 posts with the last 98 of them being the Ephesians devotions. That’s a little over three months to dissect the book of Ephesians up to this point. Today I’d like to give a few shout outs to my top commenters. And recognize the posts you all loved the most. Before I do though for those of you who are following by subscription email or rss feed thank you! You will be the first group who receives “31 Scripture Bites” FREE. This is 31–one for each day of the month– scripture CD to uplift you in your day along with a shot in the arm message about that verse.

To get your FREE copy reply to this email by December 9th, 2011, that’s this Friday, to


Make sure to put your complete mailing address in the body of the email. They will be mailed by December 25th, 2011. You may not receive them by Christmas depending on where you live but they do make a wonderful gift! They will be available for sale later this month on Now onto the celebrating!

Here are links to the top 20 posts this last Quarter. Do you remember reading these?

  1. 20 of Your Super Hero Qualities
  2.  How to Have a Strong Inner Man
  3. Understand: The 6 Steps to Division in Relationships
  4. What Came First, the Chicken McNuggets or the Egg McMuffin?
  5. Can You Know Your Calling From God?
  6. What Happens When You Combine…?
  7. What Drives You to Do What You Do?
  8. What is the First Thing?
  9. Do You Know Your Identity?
  10. What Are You Anticipating?
  11. Faint Not!
  12. Success: Your Fashion Choice
  13. Is That Really God’s Will For You?
  14. Is God Everyone’s Father?
  15. How Would You Get Rid of a Grudge?
  16. A Lie About Relationships, You Need To Know!
  17. The Humble Brag-Oxymoronic? Or Possibility?
  18. 6 Tips to: Refine Your Purpose
  19. How To Walk…Spiritually
  20. How Do You Stop a Bully?

Also I’d like to give out a huge Thank You to my top commenters.

Jan Naylor

Bill Porta

Sharon Gullach

Jessica Pocha


Rick Lee


You have blessed me more than you will ever know! And I look forward to many more in-depth conversations over the Word. Make sure you all sign up for the free gift by Friday! God Bless and have a great day!

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