What Smells So Good?

Ephesians 5:2; And walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us, and hath given himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling savour.

I spent an afternoon last week standing over a steaming pot of mashed apples making apple butter. For my first attempt ever, I couldn’t believe the time and effort it took. I was two hours into the project and already had sore arms, feet, and legs. RED apple peel exploded in my kitchen at one point. It hit the garbage, walls and floor with a splat. My floor bore a red peal for a day because once it stuck I needed a forklift to remove. Well, just as I’m standing there– elbow deep in seedy apple puke my husband comes in from work. Before he sees the giant mess he exclaims, “Wow, what smells so good?” I couldn’t help but smile. He is used to this kind of explosion, I mean after all we have a two-year old. But what hit me is; he didn’t even see the mess. He walked straight by it all, kissed me, then tasted the oh-sooo-yummy apple butter on the stove. He then exclaimed, “Ohhh that’s good! I can’t wait to try some on toast.”

When Life Stinks

When we are cruising through life, sometimes it get’s messy! Sometimes relationships go splat and we have to rebuild. Sometimes we mess up and have to ask for forgiveness. And once in a while we watch sadly as someone we love does the same thing. What made Jesus Christ’s walk a sweet-smelling savour to God? The same thing that makes apple butter smell good. No it’s not the apples–though they helped smell up my kitchen. It’s the walking in love. Love/agape is the best ingredient to add to any recipe. If I flop in life…and I mean really flop, how do I fix it with God? Confessing it to God then renew my mind to the Word in that area. All those steps is walking in great love towards yourself and it begins to be the odor of your life, the off giving savour–so to speak– that rises to God’s nose.

Jesus Christ walked through and sorted out a ton of messes here on Earth. Lazarus was one of them that comes to mind. Mary Magdalene is another. His ability to stop ask God what to do next, and then walk out in that guidance and love, was a tremendous blessing to God and to the recipient.

What do you smell like? Potato salad? Yummy apple butter? A blessed and willing heart? You decide by walking in great love. One of the great ways to create great savour in your life is to make God your master Chef. Follow the example led by Jesus Christ and start with doing the dishes. Have fun with it and enjoy a bouquet of rich savory fragrances wafting out from YOUR kitchen of life today. God bless!

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