Are You Ignoring This Sneaky Plot?

Ephesians 5:11; And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove [them].


If iron sharpens iron what happens when iron bangs on stone? What happens when a beautiful sword is used as an ax on a tree or to dig through a granite cave? It makes the blade dull right.

For years a dear friend of mine has read the Word every day. The fruit of this has made her sharp on every area of her life. She discerns truth from error, finds light in the darkness and is an amazing believer. Lately though, I’ve seen something taking her attention off of the fight, off of the Word. We discussed it at great length and we realized something very subtle and sneaky is there pulling her from her passionate growth and hunger. A tv series is now available for her to watch everyday during her workouts. She initially got excited because it followed an old book she read years before she got into the Word. The time went by almost without thinking. Originally she promised herself she would only watch them during the workouts but then realized it was tempting her throughout her day. Idle moments of wasted daydreaming about the plot line. She began thinking…”It won’t hurt to get an episode ahead.” This girl is one of God’s fighters a defender of truth. Do you think this line of thinking is helpful to her work? Would you want her distracted instead of praying for you? The Devil sure would!

But she then thought, “Okay I’ll watch something else that’s not so addicting, maybe Grey’s anatomy, or NCIS.” Hmmm…should she do that? What’s the harm of a little entertainment? Then we both realized this verse has our answer.

Here is the expanded literal translation: And be not partaking or voluntarily associating with those who have more than one God; their works are bad fruit of the dark one, the Devil; but prefer to expose and bring them to the light of the truth that they may believe rightly.

Wow, pretty cut and dry there. Anything that comes between you and God, and gets put in priority over God in your life is idol worship. You make that “thing” your god essentially. I heard a phrase on NCIS that stunned me, a pregnant marine said, “I’m a marine first, pregnant second.” She put her career choice ahead of being a mother. If she did that with her own baby, where was God on the list? The greatest commandment is to love God, so what is the worst thing you could do? Not love God. And it’s amazing how easily in this world that priority can slip.

The adversary has 2 tactics of warfare. #1) He will pull you off your walk with God by using pleasure, or #2) push you off by throwing adversity at you. If you know those two attacks are his M.O. its way easier to spot where he’s doing it and stand on the truth. The better you are at spotting it, the more sneaky he has to be. That’s why we have God to keep us enjoying entertainment and keeping it in perspective. Right.

You can do it and so can my friend. God Bless and be strong in the Lord!

Ephesians 6:10; Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.

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