10 Tips to a Better Marriage

Ephesians 5:24; Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so [let] the wives [be] to their own husbands in every thing.

Who’s example do we follow as Christians?

Jesus Christ. He is our leader. He saved us by his own freewill choice. We follow him, we listen to that Christ in us, the holy spirit which is God, as he guides us through out our lives. This is what we deliberately choose.

With our husbands the same choice happens. When we marry him we deliberately choose him. The words “their own” is the Greek word “idios” which is translated “one’s own.” That word “everything” is also translated, everyone, all men, and who ever.

We as wives choose our own husbands over every other man/person including the kids. We are sold out to him and our family over anyone else. Is that really that hard? It’s about being loyal and not allowing the adversary to trick us into putting someone else first. Come hell or high-water we are in that relationship. There are enough things in this world trying to separate the family unit already.

I’ve heard it said many times that the best thing you can give your kids is two parents that love each other. It’s true. Look at God and his son Jesus Christ. The devil was constantly trying to divide that relationship. Luke 4 is a great example. But did it work? The devil killed Jesus Christ and thought he finally won. Did it work? That’s as loyal as Jesus Christ was, are you that loyal to your husband? This is a hard-hitting subject; I understand that. I’ve been through my share of tough relationships. But none of them ended without a fight to save them. At some point you have to allow God to move you to better things in life. I don’t believe divorce is the solution to every problem. There are things we can do to prevent it.

Here are some tips on keeping the sand out of the machine called your marriage:

1. Deal with infractions at the nearest point. It’s a lot easier to remove one inch of duct tape from a hairy arm than one foot of it. Waiting only makes it worse.

2. Immediately check in and pray! If something or someone tries to divide you, check-in with a humble heart. Trust that God knows what to do next.

3. Situations get worse or better depending on our reaction to them.

4. Temper gets us in trouble, pride keeps us there. Go back to #1 and deal with it quickly.

5. Don’t be afraid to apologize. The last perfect guy was Jesus Christ.

6. Don’t be afraid to forgive. Look at all the garbage God has already forgiven you for.

7. Resist making evil conclusions. Don’t make up your mind about a situation there could be more to the story than you know.

8. Make time often for sex. Ah-hem…husbands don’t operate well without it.

9. Find ways to thank him everyday.

10. Edify, edify, edify. People get too much criticism real quick. They can never get too much love.

God bless! And have fun!

6 thoughts on “10 Tips to a Better Marriage”

  1. thank you for this post, it spoke volumes to me. I love your site, thank you for the hard work and dedication you pour into it. God Bless.-watw

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