What does: A Clown Fish and Romance Have in Common?

Ephesians 5:29; For no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church.

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Symbiosis! Each of the four kingdoms of Earth have examples of symbiotic relationships.

  1. Plant Kingdom: Bacteria in our intestines helps us to digest food. We would be prone to far more infection and other problems with our digestion system. We give the bacteria shelter and food.
  2. Animal Kingdom: The clown fish and the anemone are an example because the clown fish uses the attributes of the anemone for its stinging cells as protection. Where the feces of the fish gives the plant nutrients to grow.
  3. Kingdom of Man: A man hires lawn maintenance crew, they benefits from the wages, he benefits from freed up time and energy.
  4. Kingdom of God: God poured out the gift of holy spirit to humanity, we get eternal life. God gets children, a family to call His own.

My next question is; What then describes the husband-wife relationship? Is it symbiotic? Yes. Mutual respect, admiration, and emotions interconnect the couple. But it’s bigger than that for a believing couple. Why? Because it acutely misses the potential and scope of the addition of a spiritual reality such as Agape/God’s love. A symbiotic relationship suggests that actions of proportionate equality pass back and forth between the subjects. What about the passing of spiritual actions far outside our human sphere of understanding and comprehension? God is holy and God is spirit. He put himself in us. This would be like Henry Ford putting a human brain and nervous system inside the Model T, then giving it direct access to Henry Ford!

When this verse says in the end phrase; “Even as the Lord the church” this is comparing the level of care and heart Jesus Christ has for the body of believers, to the level of care and heart a man should have for his wife. Jesus Christ walked with God for us, to the point of death using that powerful connection of holy spirit to do it. I contend that the only way a man could possibly follow that example towards his wife is by using his walk with God. He has to depend on it, as much as the clown fish for the anemone and make that relationship central to his behavior towards the woman in his life. Likewise she does this for him.


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Have a great day today! I’m rooting for you!

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