Finally…Oh the Suspense is Building!

Ephesians 6:10; Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.

Do you realize how important you are? When the waves are high around you and the clouds are dark on the horizon, it’s easy to get distracted. The fight looks like you’ve taken you’re last blow and your heart wants to fail. My dear friends that is when this verse reaches deep into the inner muck of your heart and breaks the bondage of fear.

The greatest thing about this verse is the foundation of it lies behind us in Ephesians. Remember yesterday and how Ephesians is the greatest revelation given to man. That’s because it revealed “The Mystery,” that anyone could be born again of God’s spirit. So what’s the big deal right? What’s so great about that?

Holy Spirit! You have God’s spiritual communication device, power rod, and new creation infused in every cell of your body! It came with some bells and whistles that you need to know in order to operate Ephesians 6:10+ to the fullest extent possible. Did you know that all of the research I’ve done, all the studies I’ve conducted, all the Greek I know doesn’t give me any more strength in my spirit. A natural man could do, and has done, the same to none effect spiritually. None of studying that strengthens my inner man. Oh sure my understanding is fruitful, but how do I get strong in the power of his might.  So what makes us different? God’s might? God who is Holy? God who is Spirit? God who gave us what he is?

By using that spirit. That gives me strength. What? You ask. How do we do that? Well, first of all the Word is food for our mind. We logically take it in. We renew our mind to its truth. We free our minds of the torment caused by fear. We study, uncover and reveal the heart and will of God every time you read. But still you’re inner man as Ephesians 3:16 calls it sits, unexercised, and waiting. You haven’t even taken this shiny new toy out of the package yet. What are you waiting for?

Oh come on Terri just tell us!

You’ve come this far and you already know what it is. What strengthens your inner man with might? What edifies it? What builds it up?

Alright….okay I’ll give you a clue, click here.

There are only 9 ways to strengthen that inner man, your spiritual man and receive spiritual fruit. If you never do anything else learn them. Click here to see a chart of all nine manifestations of the Holy Spirit, building up from the most basic to advanced.

You are a born again, of God’s Spirit, Christian. That means that you became a new creation when you believed Romans 10:9-10. This creation isn’t like your natural physical body and even that you don’t know all the wonderful operations of. Do you know how the synapses in your brain works? The information made available for you today about your inner man is highly sensitive material. Why? Because if the enemy/the devil knew you were being told about this he’d try to talk you out of it. He’d flood your mind with all the reasons this couldn’t be true. He’d lie to you. That verse up there tells you to be strong in the Lord. Do you think the Devil really wants you to do that? No! Because the stronger you are the more you are able to defeat him! Start with the first step of speaking in tongues, build up your inner man and then we’ll move on from there. God bless you today!

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