Take Unto You the Whole Armor Against SOPA/PIPA

Ephesians 6:13; Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day,

and having done all, to stand.

Take Up Digital Arms and Stand Therefore!

You may notice there is a ribbon in the upper right hand corner of this website today, that says stop censorship. I am in a strong position on this because my husband owns a record label called Mud Bug Records. Our latest artist signed being Mike Alan Ward. It might surprise you that we are involved in all kinds of media, but has long been a passion of my song-writing husband. We promote our albums on YouTube and many other social media sites because, that’s how it’s done now-a-days. SOPA/PIPA is supposedly going to protect us from having illegal downloads of our music and pirating of our music videos. The opposite will likely happen. It might end up shutting down websites like my husband’s and will squelch the opportunity afforded to us in this great country of free expression, speech and enterprise. It looks like we should support this bill, right. Well– we don’t. If you click on the button you can see more about why.

The title of my post today is strange I know, but as I read more about SOPA/PIPA I remembered the Wikipedia’s slogan of, “Information yearns to free.” It does too. Bad people will find ways around any laws, while good people like my husband and I will abide by the new laws because we are legitimate business owners. The government will tout that they stopped so many dangerous sites from operating when in actuality, they just changed the way evil men played the game.

Here’s what I think.

Let me know if you’re with me.

The devil runs the world- right? God gave us the power to fight him through the powerful name of Jesus Christ. More man-made laws don’t get rid of the Devil. Only God can do that. We, his informed Christians have to use our rightly divided understanding. We have to bind the Devil’s methods, cast him out, and imprison him and his cohorts for messing with us in the name of Jesus Christ. I can assure you the Devil is working in both the government, and in the evil behind the stealing of music, videos etc. He’s playing the field for his best opportunity for conflict and he has NO right. This verse says at the end; “and having done all to stand, STAND THEREFORE.” (includes the next to words of verse 14)


Soldiers in God’s army,

I urge you to go to God’s court room

and find out what you can do to help GOD win this battle for men’s freedoms,

just like he’s done throughout history.  

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