Free Book Offer For Email Subscibers


Today I realized that I ended the class and daily devotion in Ephesians without recognizing my co-travelers! Can you believe that? I would like to give you a warm thank you and offer a very special gift.

For journeying through Ephesians with me you get a free “5 Basics for Growth, The High Octane Christian Series,” work book. See above video.

These books are being used in Supporting Godly Women meetings for a Bible study and many others have used it in their own private studies. This is the newest professionally copied and bound version. It details all the 5 daily core steps of a believer’s (male or female) growth in their spiritual walk and includes work book questions and answer session at the end of the chapters for further refinement.

The list of Ephesians class graduates and book recipients will come straight from SGW’s subscribed email followers. This sign up is on the home page of Supporting Godly Women’s site. If you have followed Ephesians through with us, but aren’t subscribed to the daily blog posts via email, do so today to also get in on this FREE offer. Tomorrow morning, Friday Feb. 3rd, 2012, a private email directly from me, Terri Porta, will arrive in your inbox. That email will detail how you need to proceed. (I will need a physical address from you. So I can send it out. ;)) This is my gift to you. There are no catches, scams, or hookey pook. I simply want to thank you.

God Bless You! And have a wonderful day!

P.S. Here is the very first post in Ephesians if you’d like to go back and refresh or start over. There are 143 Ephesians study posts.

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