Nothing Tickled Rhino until He Sneezed

“Goodnight Moon,”

“The Teddy Bear Picnic,”

“Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do You See,”

“Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are,”

All of these classic children’s story books wander from room to room in our house these days. Here is a new one about a rhino see what you think.

Rhino came to play one day

in the forest gale,

His friends, the monkeys, giggled and laughed,

Swinging from their tails.

He watched them sadly

wishing he could swing,

From the top of the trees.

“What are you crying for?”

Mr. Monkey’s son asked, oh so sweet.

“I’ll never swing in the trees above, or feel the wind up high

I’ll never giggle and laugh like you,

My skin is too tough, I can’t reach the sky!”

Monkey Junior looked around, then got up nice and close.

He touched the skin around his legs and on his pointed nose.

“Don’t worry little Rhino, I know what to do.

God made us both so different,

We can see that’s true.

You will learn to laugh and play,

right here on the ground,

There are fun things that you can do

simply look around.”

Rhino nodded, ‘no’ and sat down upon his rump.

A snort that started in his throat,

began to throb and thump.

“I can’t have fun, I know I can’t,

Never just like you.”

His thumping sobbing shook the ground

his mother’s nose came up,

He huffed and snuffed a mighty sound.

Then, “Ah, uh, u-ahhhh chooooooooooooo!!” came out.

Monkey toppled end over end.

A flock of birds flew high.

His mother giggled quietly,

The laughter multiplied.

Rhino snorted then he laughed

At the comical display.

The baby zebras joined in with him

with silly little brays.

“God Bless You!” said the mighty one,

standing among the trees.

His horn was long upon his nose

“Hey, you look just like me!”

The old rhino nodded,

“One day you’ll be leader too,

You’ll see that fun is easy

when you see the fun in you.”

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