33 Ways to Celebrate Joy

Here are 33 Ways to celebrate Joy

  1. Laugh a lot.
  2. Bring candy to work.
  3. Expand your interests.
  4. Complete what you start.
  5. Do random acts of kindness.
  6. Read the Bible everyday.
  7. Play Hide-n-Seek with a child.
  8. Point out the positive.
  9. Tell a friend or loved one you love them.
  10. Overlook pettiness and jealousy.
  11. Say thank you to your Mom or the one who raised you.
  12. Give your Life to God.
  13. Search for a new perspective on an old understanding.
  14. Give
  15. Go on a treasure hunt with God.
  16. Allow yourself moments of silliness.
  17. Be quick to praise hard work.
  18. Be slow to criticize.
  19. Sing as loudly as you can, when you’re alone.
  20. When offered a chance to dance, dance.
  21. Surprise someone with a compliment.
  22. Smile, you’ll have them all wondering what your up to.
  23. Give credit where credit is due.
  24. Spoil yourself once in a while.
  25. Invest in happy feet. (good shoes)
  26. Invest in deep sleep. (a great bed)
  27. Invest in rest for your soul. (Speak in Tongues much)
  28. Thank your spouse. You were a million to one chance.
  29. Thank God, he knew you before the foundation of the world.
  30. Be kind to nature. It’s just better for everyone.
  31. Take a chance on your dreams.
  32. Never let fear talk you out of your faith.
  33. Think about what your thinking about.

What are some you ways you celebrate joy?


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