5 Tips To Building Great Kids

How, as a parent do we raise great kids? They don’t come with a manual and every child is unique. Everywhere we look we get advice on the subject. Everyone you talk to has their own built-in set of opinions. So what way is “The Right Way?” How do we raise kids who are happy, encouraged and blessed? There has to be a way to do it right because we all know what doing it wrong looks like.

We, as parents, are the example of a relationship with God to our family. We get to be imitators of God. So what does that look like? Here are five teaching tips that will help you give them the tools they need in life.

  1. Teach them how to ask God what to do. When a child reaches the age between 3 to 5, he or she begins understanding concepts like life and death. This is a great time to explain the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to them. Once they are born again, and you can ask God if “yes” they did believe. Now, they can begin hearing from God Himself. To build this; you ask them to check in about things for you. Make sure you already know the answer from God so you can help guide them. This is not a made up answer from you, but from God. You can also make it a game. Kids love games like Simon Says, or Hot and Cold, or treasure hunts. The last one is amazing when you have them listen to God, for how to find the item you’ve hidden. And if you go to God first to find out where to hide it, then you get even more joy out of watching it work. This is an exercise you can do with yourself as well. Except now, God is the one who knows where the treasure is, and you have to find it.  James 1:5
  2. Teach them how to pray and get results– Prayer is a conversation with God. We recently went over prayer in the Prayer series of posts. Reread that series with your kids in mind. Then teach them the steps of finding out, what is available. Have them write it down in a bless journal, or on slips of paper in a bless box. Then ask with them how to receive it, what to do with it once they’ve got it. Explain how their need and wants need to be balanced then how God is always willing and able to help them. Now, take a moment and imagine how much things would be different in middle school or highschool, if you had known these steps. God is looking out for their heart, their blessing and protection because your kids are HIS too. You can’t be with them 24×7, but when you teach them these tools God actively divert them away from trouble and into blessings. Just a warning here: your kids don’t have all the bad experiences or the preconceived notions you struggle to hurdle in your walk. They will catch on quick and then blow your mind when they minister to you. 🙂 Have fun! Proverbs 3:5-6
  3. Teach them how to renew their mind. Renewing the mind training starts even younger than the first step. My toddler is already learning how. When he is crying, he’s upset. Philippians 3:13-14 is a renewed mind principle for little minds as well. Put the past behind you and reach for the mark. That past is anything from our recent past to the distant past. Distraction is a powerful weapon in the parent’s tool box but also a believer’s tool box. Take his attention away from the crying issue as quickly as you can. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes we need to ask God what will help. Peace is our goal. A bawling, temper-tantrum filled child is a recipe for problems as they get older. As the adult and the leader of the peace in our homes we have to teach our kids how to overcome. Dwelling on the problem never solves the problem. Dwelling on God’s Word does. God’s Word says to reach forth, hold fast to that which is good, let God direct your path, resist the Devil and he shall flee. These principles in simplified fashion bring peace with them. That leads me to my next point.

A point I’ll start tomorrow’s part-two post with. I’d love to hear your feed back. Tomorrow, we’ll learn about the vital steps in training up a child without the toxic psychological problems so prevalent in today’s society and keeping them pure hearted for God.

God Bless You and Your Family Today!

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