Can God Really Help Me?

How are you today? Does your heart long for a closer intimacy with God? Mine does. I yearn to step into my prayer closet and get quiet with the Master of the Universe. There is one True God, what is He longing for with you? Do you ever wonder? How does He react to circumstances that negatively impact large groups of people? I recently heard the sorrowful plea from a Christian woman who felt she had no joy or peace. So many circumstances surrounding her stole those simple breathtaking moments of thankfulness. I understand. I too struggle with the beast that is my mind. It wants to give me whiplash with the amount of thoughts and conclusions it sees. But as I wrote that statement; a few truths stand firm in my mind.

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  • Joy and peace are fruit of the Spirit along with seven others listed in Galatians 5. But how can you have fruit of the Spirit if you do not operate the spirit? Praying in tongues is a spiritual operation, and an easy one at that. It takes very little thought. God made it simple. Click here to learn how. 2 Cor. 14:39
  • No matter what is going on in your life. Whether you are the president, or a pipe cleaner, you can only think one thought at a time. They come at the speed of light sometimes, but you can only think one of them at a time. Few Christians have mastered the technique of quieting their mind, but it is worth it. Slow down that thought rocket and take a break. Force it to behave. You are in control of your mind and the quieter it is, the more clear the thoughts of your Heavenly Father will be. Isaiah 26:3
  • God’s promises work for those who believe. But, you are not even required to believe in the strength of your own believing. You just have to believe God is able and He is willing to bring the promises HE promised to pass. See how simple that is. We trust in Him for He is our sufficiency. 2 Corinthians 9:8
  • God wants the best for you. That is a huge statement! God wants GOD’S best for you. That is higher standard than the world’s best. We think we know what God wants and when that doesn’t pan out we conclude He isn’t helping at all. God’s best is mistaken for the expectations we wrap around everything. For instance; I’ll only be blessed if I have a certain 5 bedroom 3 bath house, or this washboard abs version of a boyfriend, or this fancy SUV, then I’ll have God’s best. God is Spirit. Does He need a car? Money? Etc. It says in His Word that He shall/absolutely supply all your need. Don’t you really just need shelter? Don’t you just need transportation? Safe transportation. Okay, I really need THAT man or woman romantically in my life. Wait, don’t you just need a mate who loves you? God, who is love knows how to spot the fake love so He means the real LOVE. Is the current boyfriend/spouse doing that? Doesn’t this simplify all our expectations? What do you need? Are you thankful when that need is met? When we always wish for what we don’t have, we’ll miss the truly good God things we already do have. Be thankful! Phil 4:6
  • Discouragement is a trick. It’s like the devil watches you trusting God, and he stamps his foot. “What can I throw that will discourage her?” he asks. Then he takes out whatever circumstances work and slings them in your face. Then he waits. “Did that slow her down? Oh, yep, she’s hesitating. Good she won’t see this hurting person over here, that if she talks to her, she’ll change her life forever. Good.” You wipe off the mud, pray to God for strength, ask how you can pay the devil back and then keep walking. “Dang, it didn’t slow her down, let’s try again!” the devil chortles, “This is fun.” John 10:10a Let’s get off that path. Pray in the name of Jesus Christ that the Devil is repaid tenfold for every thing he throws at you. He may still try to throw things but after awhile…he’s smart, he’ll quit cause it’s too costly to mess with you. Fight back. Don’t allow this trick to take you out. Romans 12:19
  • Sometimes you just have to be stupid enough to follow directions and quit over analyzing everything. If God puts in His word to trust Him, do it. If He says in all thy ways acknowledge Him, just get quiet and humble that pride and do it. What were you gaining by doing it your way? More pain? Conflict? Confusion? God isn’t the author of confusion. Just trust. It will get better, God is going to help you out of the situations you’re in, if you just keep asking and trusting oh…and doing. Psalms 71:1

God bless you today!

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