Amazing Quotes


“God wants us so rooted in the Word that we are not tossed around with every wind of doctrine.
Get the vertical divine and the horizontal will be fine.
When the Word is the joy of your life, you will manifest the more abundant life.
Our first responsibility as believers is not in serving God, but in knowing Him as our heavenly Father.
Four great words that are meaningful and powerful to those who truly want to walk: Love, Grace, Mercy, and Peace.

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Thanksgiving is thanksliving.
Spend as much time studying the Word each day as you spend at the table eating and you’ll grow like crazy.
The Word handles every aspect of life.
Our attitude toward the Word determines our spirituality.
Live in prayer.
 When we do not rely on God to meet our need, we’re sinning.

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Being thankful sure makes life sweeter.
The more thankful you are for what you have today, the more you’ll have to be thankful for tomorrow.
Give happily, liberally, for the joy of giving.
The greatness of a man’s life is not measured in the material things he owns, but in the quality of life he lives according to the Word of God.

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In dealing with pressure you have to realize that all pressure begins in the mind. You allow yourself to be pressured.
Talk things over with the Father. Take your shoes off and talk straight about whatever is bugging you.
Change comes from the inside out.
In a world full of questions we have an exclamation point!
We’ll always win with God. Run with the Winner.
God is color-blind. He looks on the heart.
This ministry is designed for men and women whose wandering days are through.

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Abundance is not a state of being it’s a state of mind.
Why don’t you be honestly positive, instead of honestly negative?
It’s wonderful how it is the Word and nothing but the Word that settles all the arguments for those who really want to know.
If just one person stands the Word will live.”
VP Wierwille


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