:006 What’s on Your Highlight Reel

You are such a blessing to me and what a journey this week has been! Yet, something is on my mind. Are you feeling hesitant about the things you read here with me on our way through Acts 19:1-20? Does it all sound like too much for our time, or one life, or one ministry? Sure–it was an epic season in the ministry of the Apostle Paul. These verses are on his highlight reel. Although the Apostle Paul didn’t start out that way, he sure had some amazing turnarounds in the last quarter of many of his contests. How? How did he go from killing Christians, to being one of the greatest examples of what is possible with the power of God?

Something amazing can happen everyday!

He just believed.

He believed the Word of God.

How many of us accept living far below par because we fail to believe?

Today is your day.

Believe with me that “My God shall supply all your need according to his riches and glory.” Phil. 4:13. Those were Paul’s words, that is what Paul believed. Make it an amazing day to believe God and put this day on your highlight reel.

God Bless You Today!


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