23 Ways to Triumph Today

Triumph, in my personal book of English, is try and UMPH smooshed together so fast and hard the y turned into an “i.” And yes this is also a book where “smooshed”, “funner” and “ain’t” populate the pages.

Think of “triumph” though. It is in Webster’s book of English defined as a great victory or achievement. That means you try and keep trying by putting some umph in it. Today, I thought it would be funner–okay funner is still written in pencil–to look at some ways to triumph today. Here’s my list. I’m going to pick at least three out and try with a lot of umph to do them. How about you? Which ones are you going to triumph in today?

  1. Stay Positive. (No matter what)
  2. Find 10 things about my family or significant other, to be thankful for.
  3. Change your Facebook profile to a happy picture of your face. (If not already)
  4. Turn off the TV all day.
  5. Memorize a verse today.
  6. Excercise for at least 12 minutes at an elevated heart rate.
  7. Eat at least one cup of vegetables.
  8. Skip at least one serving of sugary starchy carbohydrates, a.k.a junk food.
  9. Pray in the Spirit for 1 hour (or more if you can!)
  10. Give, but check in with God on who, where, when, what to give, etc. (not out of your necessity or begrudgingly)
  11. Speak the Word to someone. (Try telling someone about the verse you’re memorizing and why you picked that one.
  12. Fellowship with a like-minded believer about God, His Word.
  13. Study the Word. 2 Timothy 2:15
  14. Balance your checkbook. (For some of us that’s asking a lot.)
  15. Send a thank you note on real paper through the mail to someone who inspires you.
  16. Speak your mind. (Don’t shove an issue under the rug, but ask God how, when or if you need to at all.)
  17. Organize a cluttered spot in your home. (Unless you are the lucky one whose home belongs on HGTV. :))
  18. Pray with a Pen and Paper. The paper and pen is for God’s ideas. It also forces you to sit down and listen for a specific amount of time.
  19. Do a Bless Mission. (Ask God who you can do something special for today, then ask for details. Then Do IT. These are fun!)
  20. Eat a meal with your family. Ask questions between bites. (1. you’ll eat slower. 2. The answers might surprise you.)
  21. Write out a five-year mission statement for your spiritual walk. (This requires God’s input because He has the curriculum custom designed for you.)
  22. Start reading the 7 church epistles with a goal of reading all the way through in a month. (Romans, Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Thessalonians.)
  23. Finish any of the dangling projects. Danglers are distractors. Finishing them will give you a sense of accomplishment. Small victories build confidence and accountability. Don’t let little things sneak away unfinished. They just clutter your brain space and cause undisciplined focus. After a while a dull and apathetic attitude sets in. Don’t loose your edge. Get them done!

Remember triumph is the trying with a lot of umph. Don’t say it’s over until your head hits the pillow tonight. I can’t wait to hear how it went today and how many on this list you could do. Comment below and let me know. 🙂

God bless you today!

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