One Big Statement For God

I never knew shutting up could make such a big statement.

I was sitting among some fellow workshop students the other day. Our assignment was writing then reading our work aloud. Afterwards we would receive feed back from the professor and the other students. It was my turn to volunteer constructive criticism or praise depending on the piece. It’s all very serious stuff and literally had me sweating through my shoes when I had to read. I know, strange huh. I write everyday for you folks without my nerves tangling up my modifiers. Ha! Or maybe they do, and I just don’t know it.

Anyway…going in I decided to asked God He would do. My first thought, “Shut up. Do not make a peep.” For those of you who know me, you know this is a feat, and at first, it was like lassoing a category five hurricane. But then I got into it. I sat back in my chair. I took notes on the advice other people were giving and what the professor suggested. I compared their pieces to mine and saw my strong suits and my weak points. I also learned that I was sucked into drama that I could have side-stepped by simply being quiet. Hmmm…big stuff. God wanted me to take the class to learn…right? Yet, I was so focussed on the next thing I was going to say, that I wasn’t listening or learning. My competitive, critical side wanted to elbow in so many times that I’d lost the very reason I was there.

How many of us do this in our relationships? As a Mom, I know what is best for my son…right? What if I let God direct my Mommy-ness all day long, or even just for an hour. Ask; God if you were me what would you say, do, teach or not say? What about with my husband? Does he ever get tired of me knowing everything–about everything? Ha! That could be my greatest learning of the year. If my attitude is to please God, and yet I let every little drama suck me in with the force of a funnel cloud, how am I accomplishing that?

Did you know, there are more times in the New Testament that God told the Apostles not to speak, than speak? Everything God does is for our blessing and/or protection. Why would He tell us not to speak up? How could being quiet be a big statement for God?

Have you ever been shushed?

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