Good Grief; Can It Be Real?

  I heard a statement the other day that rattled around in my brain. It was about someone losing their innocence after learning about her Dad’s cancer. The comment was, that humans, no matter their age, yearn for and try to return to the innocence before a trauma happens and that it is human nature to want that. I’ve heard it put a different way, called denial. Humans begin the 5 stages of grief but how long they stay in each stage, is their decision. They don’t know why we do this but it’s a well-documented human phenomenon and behavior.

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Okay. I’m not a psychologist, or counselor. I just love learning how God settles things and how He heals us from His Word. The biggest stumbling block I’ve noticed in a grieving person is they can’t find peace. Peace comes from having answers the Word of God deals with what we’re going through right where we are. If you are going through a loss of any kind, God can help you be a overcomer in that situation. Even the inventor of these stages admits that not everyone goes through every stage or any of them for that matter. Let’s say they all happen in a natural course. What if God could make the process much shorter and easier? I’m not saying you shouldn’t go through these stages, I’m saying that if there is a way to have deliverance…I want it. I want the whole enchilada from God. The whole blessing, all the peace, all the joy, all the healing, all the deliverance. Why limit ourselves? These are miracles and the abundant life at its fullest. Isn’t that what I was believing for when my son was born deaf? I wanted the impossible then and I still do. Only now, I want to help others too.

I’d like to start a new series next week. I’d like to help people in any of the five stages of grief understand God’s miraculous power. I recently went through the worst emotional trauma of my life. It took me for a roller coaster ride, but along every step of the way God battled with me. On the tales of our last series called Mastering the Art of Believing and the renewed mind, I want to show you how to overcome these life-altering, losses of innocence. Whether they are divorce, death, or anything else. We’re going to dig deep into the Word again, so get your page turning fingers ready. You deserve deliverance and freedom and peace. Next week we’re going to explore how to obtain it through the promises of God and His mighty power. I love you all.

God Bless You Today!

:001 Mastering the Art of Believing God

:002 The Biology of Believing

:003 Breaking Open the Cage Doors of Fear

:004 How To: Have More Faith

:005 What is the Key to Power in a Believer?

:006 You’ve Got This

:007 How to: Trust God’s Word

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