25 Reasons Why…

I thought I’d do something different. I have a list of 25 reasons why Walking with God is so incredible. You may have realized some of them, others may be new.

25 Reasons Why Walking in God’s Love is So Amazing

  1. We believe in something real. When we walk out on God’s direction, we see real results.
  2. We don’t have to flounder around in a sea of confusion. Walking is God’s Love is simple…heck there’s even a manual.
  3. We are far less stressed. We know the Guy with all the answers.
  4. We don’t have to fight doubt, we can walk in boldness and surety.
  5. We know that when we pray God hears us and moves mountains on our behalf. No timid Christian here.
  6. Love is the greatest motivator.
  7. Walking in God’s love means also walking in His kindness.
  8. The bad days of our past never have to determine the efficacy the present and future with God.
  9. We move out of the testing God phase and into the thanking Him phase.
  10. We can think, “God and I are a majority. The whole world gets overruled.”
  11. We have someone watching out for us at every turn, keeping us out of trouble and leading us into incredible joy, peace, and truth.
  12. The truth is easy to be received, so when we walk out in God’s truth we can melt hearts and love the way He loves.
  13. If Jesus Christ is the first fruits of all who will be raised together with God, I’m in.
  14. God sees through our thick-headed stubbornness and then melts it from the inside out. Who else can do that???
  15. If we need a healing, we have it.
  16. If we need a miracle, we have it.
  17. We can never out-give God, but let’s try.
  18. If we need; a new idea, an answer, boldness, peace, money, love, hope, anything, God wants it for us too and will bend over backwards to show us how to get it.
  19. Once we make the decision to walk by faith and not by sight, life becomes a matter of renewing our minds to that and reaping the blessings.
  20. Our worthiness is disconnected from and not depending on other people’s opinions. Our walk with God no longer depends on a popularity contest with people. God already made us holy, righteous and blameless before Him in Love. Who cares what other people think? That’s confidence.
  21. You have nothing to lose by living in God’s power and abundance except…fear.
  22. We become a great encourager and believer in other people, we end up wanting them to succeed more than they do.
  23. God fills the hungry spots in us that we didn’t know we had.
  24. We never have to be grooved into the ruts of life or other people’s expectations. We can just do the Word.
  25. This world is not our home, we’re just passing through, but we can pick up some rewards for the life beyond the blue. Make it count. Walk in God’s mighty love.

God bless you today!

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