Feature Friday

I would like to introduce a new person every Friday. Someone noteworthy and doing work for God. If you know of someone who fits this criteria please email me or comment below. Today, I’d like to introduce you to a man named Patrick Klein. child photo 2

Patrick is the founder of an organization called Vision Beyond Borders. His organization is helping get the Word of God out into the world. I’d be blessed if you all checked out his website and his organization.

Click Here to Watch a Christian Broadcast Network Video

Please pray for this team and the people they reach. They are bringing the Word of God to the world under, sometimes, very difficult conditions. I have never done a feature like this before, but I’d like to start promoting people and work that I believe in.

Many of the countries these people go to, only have handwritten copies of the Bible and are passing that one copy among the believers. God sent His word to heal us but if no one has His Word what can they do? Patrick and his team are bringing Bibles and training them in the power of that healing.

Explore their site, get to know them. When you do, you’ll get as excited as I am. Link to this page on your social media by copying the address bar above and pasting it in your status. Thank you everyone!

God Bless You Today!

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