Is The Abundant Life Available Today?

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How attainable is the abundant life Jesus Christ promised in John 10:10b? Is it out of our reach or is it a simple process? Over the course of the next few weeks, I’d like to take you step by step through how to start, operate and succeed at claiming the abundant life today.

This verse dramatically changed my life when it settled into the marrow of my understanding. But my next question was, if Jesus Christ came to give us a more than abundant life, why are most Christians lacking? Either I misunderstood the verse and most Christians, including me, do not know how to manifest it, or the promise was a lie. If God’s word isn’t reliable here in John 10:10, how can we trust it anywhere? On the other hand if Jesus told the truth and he meant what he said, then there must be keys to understanding it. There has to be sign posts, and guides to direct our steps. Jesus Christ lived the abundant life and he made it available to others by his example and by his sacrifice. I don’t plan on going from Genesis 1:1 to Revelations 22:21 here, but rather, go over a course of steps that will help you take what you learn and use it anywhere, on any subject, in any area of life.

As a mother my greatest need for knowing this, was to teach my children. More than anything I want them manifesting a blessed, abundant life. When I had my son, I realized quickly that his parents are his best example. If we don’t know how to courageously live the abundant life for ourselves, how would we teach him?

Tomorrow, get your pencils ready we are going to start learning how to manifest the more than abundant life.

God Bless You Today!


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