A Giant Step Forward with 6 Posts in 1

Good morning! What a joy filled day to be alive! Here we are breathing in and out, prospering, learning and growing a mile a minute with God. Is there anything more exciting? I say this because I love you. Yes, you. You are valuable and there is an important reason why you are doing all this learning and growing. It’s called fellowship. I have one goal here. I want you to get out there and love (agape, love with the love of God) others and God the way He loves you. To do that, I have to love you. Easy! We fellowship together around the Word! God sent His Word to heal us.

One great teacher I heard once said, (I’m paraphrasing) Once people get the hurt and dirt out of their lives then they can receive the vast measure of God’s love laid out before them in His Word. Then we’ll see revival in one heart at a time.

Giant Step Forwared-001

What is more loving then giving you the tools for success? Showing you how to use them. In earlier posts we’ve talked about the more than abundant life Jesus promised in John 10:10b. Are you trying the keys? Have you asked God, what is available? Or, God if you were me what would you do? Are you taking it a step further and asking how to receive it? What results have you received?

We’re going to take a moment today and talk about the next step of the abundant life. A step that while, on its own, I’ve covered extensively in a series called “Mastering the Art of Believing”, but I haven’t formally added them into the steps for the more abundant life series until now. If you haven’t read these posts, please read them before we get into the next section on the abundant life series. I could post them again, but would rather you take the time (get in a quiet place) and see them each for the possibilities they present. Ask yourself these questions.

Just how far could you go with God?

What would happen, if you couldn’t fail?

Can I believe it’s possible to be exceedingly abundantly blessed in my life?

In each post (listed below) I took the time to get into detailed steps and exercises. If you remember them from September 2012, please reread them. I could do a two-day seminar on Believing God and, as you’ll see, it is only a step of the abundant life series. Trust me these principles are worth your effort to read, understand and then practically apply.

001 Mastering the Art of Believing God. Most people think that if they wish upon a star they can also wish upon a prayer. Believing is a principle and it is as real as gravity. There are laws that govern every principle. When we understand them, we see the greatness of God’s sacrifice. Our perspective is altered to God’s perspective and then we have power.

002 The Biology of Belief. This post radically altered my understanding of how the human heart believes. I look back astonished at some of the discoveries that lay here. There is major deliverance for any who long to understand why prayers don’t come to pass or do come to pass.

003 Breaking Open the Cage Doors of Fear. This post weeded emotions out of me that I still wrestle with but, as usual, it details how to break open the doors and fly free of fear.

004 How To: Have More Faith. This post touches on the exercises we are learning in this series. If you can make it a point to do one of the exercises each day or more, you will begin to see huge leaps of faith in your life like never before.

005 What is the Key to Power in a Believer? This post is charged with power. It has victories written all over it. If you’ve ever struggled knowing what’s the next step with God, read and receive this power-filled post today.

006 You’ve Got This. This post is a building up of every sequential earlier post. It must be read after the others, but on its own…wow! Where else can you find this kind of concentrated practical information? I’ve looked folks. I can’t find it out there. That’s why I felt I had to do this. But believe me when I say there are also selfish motives here. I learn a great deal more everyday than I write in a 600 word post. I’m sure you can say the same, because most of these only touch the tip of the iceberg.

I hope you enjoy this review session in light of the last few posts on the abundant life. They sure fired me up!

God Bless You Today!!

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