How to: Synergize with God

How are you doing today? Are you enjoying this exploration of the more than abundant life? Are you determined to believe the words in the Word of God.

(For all you who are wondering if synergize is a word, it is not. I’ve taken creative license here and created a word with a new suffix. Like harmony changes when we harmonize, so synergy changed when I added -ize to the end. Today, we are going to learn where it’s root word came from and how God makes it work.)

My Project 9-001

Did you know, it’s a promise in God’s word that if you believe, God will confirm your words and your believing with signs following. I’m not kidding. Look at this verse.

“And they went forth, and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following.” Mark 16:20

They had to speak God’s Word and believe God’s Word. How could we do that today? I’m going to break away from the in-depth teaching on the abundant life series today and show you how believing just one verse can change everything.

Let’s take the verse above and dissect it. Why not? It’s a perfect example. I’m just going to look at the Greek in a few places so we can really flesh it out. This one little verse of the thousands in the Word of God.

Mark 16:20 (KJV)

    • “And they,” the disciples, the disciplined ones. (Like you and me)
    • “went forth“, exerchomai, a verb (connotes action) going from point to point, moving, leaving, taking action.
    • “and preached everywhere”, kēryssō, another verb, which means; to preach and teach like a fisherman casts out bait to catch a fish. They went everywhere and did this.
    • “the Lord working with them”, working with them is the Greek word synergeō, which is also a verb. We get our English word synergy from synergia. This is the combined effort of two forces working towards one common goal where the combined sum of the work is greater than one could be alone. One of those forces is the power of God. How could worry that things aren’t going to work out? Synergeō implies a partnership, not just all one party working alone. God works in us and with us then we synergize together. 
    • “And confirming”, bebaioō which means establishing. God establishes His Word, not the other way around. They preached God’s Word it was then God’s turn to establish and confirm His Word. How did He do that?
    • “With signs”. Signs are the undeniable signature of God’s divine, omnipotent and all-powerful nature. They can be small, as small as a word establishing in the tiniest corner of someone’s heart. Or they can be huge, like a pillar of fire or smoke. Signs mean one thing in the Word, FOLLOW THIS TEACHING. When Jesus Christ appeared to so many witnesses after his death and resurrection, this was a sign that all that he taught was truth and confirmed by God Himself. 
    • “Following”. Signs do not proceed believers. Signs follow believers who are believing God’s rightly divided word. Here’s a great test of your own believing. Are you seeing signs and wonders following behind you? Is God establishing the Word that you are casting out there? If not, it’s time to look at those words. Are they the words in the Word of God? Are they rightly divided? Are they producing results? Do you believe them? 

Isn’t that an amazing verse? There are so many more and they all establish God’s Word. When we take the time and really look through God’s Word, we find healing, deliverance and truth.

I hope this verse blessed you today, I know I did me.

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