What Kinks the Hose to Your Prosperity?

Hello! Did you do your homework? Did you find out where God wants you to give your tithe? Liberating isn’t it?

Drinking from hose-001

Yesterday, something wonderful blew my mind. I’ll tell you about that in a minute, but first, did you realize how powerful obedience is?

“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

We trust God, then obey Him, and then trust, then obey. I am a very stubborn girl sometimes, but I am slowly learning that obedience pays off in big dividends. In the last post I ended with a question. “What comes after giving?” What do you do if you’re still having money problems after you’ve tithed for years. It comes down to trusting and obedience just in a different area. All of this circles back to a renewed mind principle. I know…funny that I would say that. I think everything creeps back around to renewing the mind. We’ll get to why that is soon, but first let me tell you what happened to me.

For the last three months I’ve procrastinated about a big project in my life. I was frustrated and stuck in the middle of it so I gave up on it. God didn’t give up. I did. Lately  though, I’ve had the nagging thought to go back and finish it. I’d brush those thoughts away and sulk. The nagging grew worse and became more like hen pecking until I realized I was being disobedient. So I finally stopped what I was doing and went back to work on that one big project.

The very first result…peace, from the pecking. Second result…exhileration. When I went back to it with fresh eyes, I saw everything more clear. Everything seemed easier and I realized the solution to the problem I was stuck on. I breezed through the changes, cleaned it up and I’m ready to go. What I didn’t realize was, my obedience was going to land me in a windfall of blessings.

Last night, several hundreds of dollars worth of art equipment plopped into my lap. As many of you know I’m pursuing oil painting. When the plop happened I was stunned! I’ve cruised the internet, checked prices, watched for sales…and God just put it there. Was it a reward for my obedience? I can only hope!

That brings me back to the root of many people’s money problems. I said in an earlier post that money problems rarely come from money itself. They usually stem from how people think about money. Here are just a few of the problems I’ve seen.

  • Their negative believing talks them out of abundance and prosperity. (Lack of believing stems from fear.)
  • They don’t think they are worthy of God’s blessing. (God made us worthy and blameless in His sight.)
  • They are bitter about God not meeting past expectations. (Bitterness is a root, the only cure is kindness.)
  • They saw someone mismanage their tithe and now won’t tithe at all because of it. (Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord. Let God take care of those situations. Your job is still to be obedient.)
  • They cannot accept prosperity out of guilt, condemnation or sin consciousness. (NONE of these are from God and should be checked at the door.)
  • They don’t think they deserve it. (That’s why we need Him. That’s why He gives out grace like candy.)
  • They’re scared that they might like the abundance so much they’ll put it ahead of their love for God. Abundance might ruin them. (God’s blessings don’t work that way. They never ruin us, they make us thankful. It’s the devil’s abundance that ruins us. The devil turns everything into an idol.)
  • They’ve taken a vow of poverty and refuse to accept. (This idea is off the Word from Genesis to Revelations.)

All of these can kink the hose of God’s blessing. Put yourself in God’s shoes. Here He has this amazing gift for you, He’s custom-made and custom wrapped it just for you. You look at it with one of those problems in your mind and turn Him down flat. So then He tries again, and again and again to bless you. Why? Because you’re His darling child. He loves you with a powerful force called agape. He wants the very best for us, but sometimes we don’t want that for ourselves. What should He do? The greatest thing about God is, He never gives up on us. And He’s going to try to help you through the “kink”. Consequences are the greatest teachers sometimes. It’s the purple milk. Why do we have purple milk? Find the reason and you’ll be 95% closer to solving the issue.

God bless you today!

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