Mothers, God Gave Us a Special Task

Mother’s and their sons have a special bond. Moms have a special place in their hearts for their boys and boys are especially protective of their moms. When Mary, Jesus Christ’s Mom, asked him to do miracles, it was like every other mother-son relationship. Jesus would do anything for her. She was careful not to make too much of a fuss over him, but she knew what he could manage. Why?

English: Mother Mary with the Holy Child Jesus...
English: Mother Mary with the Holy Child Jesus Christ, Oil/canvas, 1913 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s go to John to the record of Jesus Christ’s first “recorded” miracle.

“And the third day there was a marriage in Cana of Galilee; and the mother of Jesus was there: And both Jesus was called, and his disciples, to the marriage. And when they wanted wine, the mother of Jesus saith unto him, They have no wine.” John 2:1-3

A family friend was getting married and Jesus and his apostles, all three of them, were invited because they all must have known the bride and groom. Knowing how small Galilee was, everyone grew up together.  Jesus knew these people and probably well. The thing that grabs my attention is Mary. She knew, of all those people, who could best help the situation when they ran out of wine. For some reason Mary really wanted to impress this bunch of people. She said to Jesus in verse 3; “They have no wine.” No wine for toasting the bride and groom, no wine for blessing the meal with prosperity, no wine for the guests. Oh no. They had run out of the wine they had as the party wore on. She asked Jesus to produce more wine.

How did she know he could if this was his very first miracle?

She knew, because it couldn’t possibly have been his first miracle. He’d been doing miracles since he was a child! The reason I know is because miracles and healings take practice. Jesus was very good at them by the time he hit the streets of Galilee. He had to know he could do what was required of his ministry. An Olympian doesn’t become and Olympian overnight. It takes practice, studying, and associating with others that play the sport. Jesus Christ was an All Star Olympian and Mary was the closest person to him, besides his Father. Mother’s and their sons are a tight bond. When Jesus said in reply in verse 4, “Woman what have I to do with thee? Mine hour is not yet come.” She knew what hour he was talking about. She knew he hadn’t started his ministry yet.

The conversation might’ve sounded different today. Ahhh Mom. Why are you asking me to show off. I’m not ready for that yet.

Her response might have been, I know son, I’m just so proud of all your hard work.

There might have been a quick kiss on the cheek from Jesus and an; oh alright, because it’s you whose asking.

She then knew he would do it for her. She told the servants to do whatever he asked of them and they did. The servants, Mary and Jesus were the only ones in on it, until the Governor of the feast tasted the new wine. He was astonished, so was everyone! It tasted like the expensive kind from the winery over on Bethlehem Blvd. Wow! That blessed and impressed everyone. I could just see Mary winking over at her son and smiling with pride. Now, for a man whose time was not come, he sure had a way of blessing his mom. Why was this recorded in God’s Word, when so many miracles and healings he did didn’t get written down? He was trying to lay a little lower. He said “his time had not come”.

It showed up in the Word of God because John remembered the miracle later and wrote it down in the Gospel of John. Why did God have John write down this miracle? Because God told him to write it down. He wasn’t even a member of the apostles when this miracle took place. How did he know about it? I assume that he heard it from Mary or one of the three apostles after Jesus Christ rose from the dead. I’m guessing that Mary, the mother of the risen Lord, finally got her chance to talk about her son. Jesus’s ministry was very public. We only have few records of how he grew up with his carpenter step dad and mother. They were his family. As the men recorded the Gospels and the facts about Jesus’ life, God left out things on purpose.

Have you been charged and entrusted with raising a “called out” man or woman of God? How do you look at that little believer? When Jesus Christ needed to spend time in the Word, God provided him with that time in Jerusalem. Are you doing all you can to get your child around God’s Word? Today, we struggle with a watering down of the Word like at no other time in history. During the dark ages it just wasn’t available to the common man. But today Bibles still out sell the New York Times Best Seller list, and how many of us know the simple keys of studying it. We don’t. So we buy a study guide Bible with tons of man’s opinion smeared over the pages, trusting that the person knew what they were doing.

John and Mary knew Jesus Christ personally. If you were to ask them about him today, they could tell you from first hand experience. We don’t have them here with us, but we do have their story. How ironic that people and the devil tried so hard to change it over the years but the Word still stands. The Author of the Word of God and the One who was there first hand is still here today. God knows what is best for you. He had a tight bond with Jesus Christ and He wants one with you too.

“Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God:” 1 John 3:1a

We are God’s children. Our believing children are His too. At some point Mary had to let go of the control she wielded in Jesus’s life and let him link up with God and do his job. She has eternal life because of her choice. I’d say it was a good one. God knows how to best raise your kids. He wants to help you. Trust me,  you could have no better partner in parenting than God.

God bless you today!

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