The Simplicity of God’s Love App

We make love so hard sometimes, don’t we? But when we know the format for a software program, like a phone, we can easily adapt and follow all the procedures. The manufactures know that they must make an app or a piece of equipment “user-friendly”, or they won’t have any sales.

God is the Ultimate Computer Software Programmer

We came from the factory (were born) with two hard-wired apps for love. One is called in the Greek, “philos” or brotherly, familial love. This app, when opened, needs very little more than information to operate. It helps the operating system run smoother when applied towards friends and family. There can be glitches in communications, breaks, and problems with this app.

Then we have the ap called “eros” in the Greek. This app operates on romance. It flushes the limbic system and neuron passageways with euphoria when one specific person of the opposite sex is nearby. This app makes having a love relationship easier. But it can also overload and damage the system if operated incorrectly.

Agape Ap-001

The last and most important app for love is the “Agape” app. Agape works to enhance and upgrade all other operations in the equipment. It cleans up the hardware, increases speed in the software and adds the “omniscient wisdom” option to every decision. Even the RAM gets cleaned and polished. The operating system runs like a well oiled machine. The only difference is, this app is not automatic. The operator must decide to deliberately download its incredible abilities. Whenever in use, this app makes all other apps run better, have a higher quality rating and shed understanding into the other two apps. This is the app of all apps. It requires another download to work called the “gift of Holy Spirit” app. To get that, click on the app that opens, Romans 10:9-10, read, believe and “share” or “like” it so your friends can applaud you too.

There are three huge benefits to this app.

First, the creator of computer programming and all your equipment is on the other end of your app answering all your queries, personally. Whenever you need any answers about your equipment, the love apps, other users, the manual, (which is the Bible) and or just want to fellowship, this Agape app puts you in touch with the creator Himself. Let’s see how you can flourish with your wonderful new app.

For instance  all your unique and personal “meta-data” enhances all the options on this app. Let’s say you love sushi. Sushi is an example of “meta-data” about you and your personality. When you open the love app and type in, “God if you were me, where would you go for dinner?” The response might be a sushi place. I am not a fan of sushi, for me it would be different. So this app totally customizes everything just for you. Isn’t that amazing!

It also enhances the other love apps. Lets say you have a child who is misbehaving, (using their equipment wrong) but they won’t listen to  you about the problem. You type into your Agape app and ask, “God if you were me, how would you handle this “philos” error that keeps coming up.” The answer pops back onto your mental screen and you then instigate the solution.

Do you see how simple this is?

The second huge benefit is; We also have a manual. The Agape app knows what part of the manual will best suit each situation, but if the operator has not installed the manual, it cannot help the operator access it properly. Like for this situation, here’s the best chapter and verse I have.

“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

Third, the app comes with nine functions that make all the other functions grow, including firewall protection (discerning of spirits), trouble shooting, (word of wisdom and word of knowledge), healing, miracles and more.

In the next post we’ll talk about avoiding viruses, energy drains, and supernatural boosts of your program’s potential through operation of these nine functions. Till then, God bless you!

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