Why Am I The One Getting Hurt?

Do you ever feel like your heart is the one being trampled in the fray? Today, we’ll talk about why that happens and how to stop it from happening. Let’s go to our verse in Philippians first.

Hurt girl-001

“Being filled with the fruits of righteousness, which are by Jesus Christ, unto the glory and praise of God. Philippians 1:11

We’ve learned over this last week that when our love (agape) abounds more and more we gain knowledge the accurate and precise knowledge of God; which walks hand in hand with judgement spiritual insight. With these three ingredients running at top speed we can discern error from truth and remain sincere without offending others until Christ Returns. (Philippians 1:9-10) All these things lead to us having a life rich in the fruits of righteousness or right living which happened through what Jesus Christ did, and all of this is for the glory and praise of God. Okay, wow. This shows me one thing.

God’s love is inexorably tied to God’s wisdom and knowledge.

We cannot separate them. What do I mean? Here’s an example. Betty had a friend who couldn’t make her mortgage payment. She had half of it, but was going to be short. Betty had the money to give, but that would’ve left her wanting on all her bills. Betty could assume that the loving thing was to help her panicking friend. That’s why we should always treat every time like the first time. Instead of assuming what God would say, Betty stopped and checked in about it. If Betty assumed God would say yes or no, she’d be wrong. Why? Because she wasn’t doing Proverbs 3: 5&6, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not unto thine own understanding, in all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths.”

So Betty was “dumb” enough to stop and not assume anything. She got quiet and waited for an answer from God who told her to tell her friend to balance her checkbook. So her friend went to the bank, got a print out and started adding. Sure enough, she had subtracted too much on one transaction and actually had the money in her account after all. Wow! Was that walking in love on Betty’s part? BIG Time! Would it have been smart for her to give her friend the money? Maybe…but we don’t know. There are more variables in the equation than we have time to explore, but the point is, God cut to the quick of the problem and solved it. Betty walked in God’s love and His wisdom. Also Betty operated two of the nine manifestations by asking God for “word of knowledge” (what’s going on) and for “word of wisdom” (what to do about it).  The other manifestations work the same way. What if God would have asked Betty instead to believe for a miracle.Or what if He would have had her discern a spirit and then cast it out of the situation. You see how we can use the manifestations in every moment of our lives? We use them at God’s discretion by always asking Him first.

Just because someone has a need doesn’t mean that we should take care of it.

God knows the entire situation and all the thoughts and intents of the hearts involved. He never wastes our time or resources. God’s children are God’s concern, not yours. He was the one who promised to supply all their needs, not you. He was the one who created them, not you. We help only when and where God tells us to and keep our noses out of it otherwise. God is a big guy. Thankfully, He didn’t hand us His Word and ask us to fulfill all of those 900 promises. He didn’t even give that job to his son Jesus Christ. Wow! What a revelation huh. So who are we to micro-manage and over-emotionalize someone elses needs. Are your teenage or adult children born-again? Hmmm…I digress…

Here’s another example of how we simply cannot walk in God’s love and not His wisdom.

There was a Christian woman in a large city who had a soft spot, or what she thought was a “calling” to the homeless people of the city. She would bring them into her apartment and feed them, let them spend the night and take care of them. She thought she was walking in God’s love towards them. One night, one of them, slit her throat in her sleep and stole all her belongings. Wow. Would God have wanted that to happen? No way!! I’m only telling you this because I hate seeing the adversary hurt God’s good-hearted people just for the fun of it. We have to be “…ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” Matthew 10:17b. Our good heartedness has to be weighed with God’s wisdom. We have to treat every time like the first time with God. Let’s say God did want her to take in those people, it still would have been on a case by case situation. Here’s the point.

Stay sweet honey, but guard your heart. 

When we operate this way on a regular basis, our lives begin to fill with the fruit of righteousness. That word “fill” is pleroo in the Greek, which means, to be filled to capacity. Our lives are like a glass of water that is filled to the very brim with the results of right believing or right living. Every time we walk, a little bit of that fruit of righteousness spills out onto other people because God is giving us more as a result of our walk. So get out there, spill a little of God’s love on people but spill when and where God tells you to. Instead of being on the defensive against the enemy and becoming his punching bag, we become little bless bombs for God and the devil can never figure out our next move.

God bless you today!

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