How a Spiritual Detox Can Save Your Life

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I was studying how to detoxify your body this morning and it amazes me! If we just get back to the basics, our body will naturally detox itself. Our spiritual body is the very same way. When we get back to the basics of the Word of God, we will naturally detox error, confusion and fear out of our lives. We transform into a far healthier person. There are people walking around out there with so much spiritual toxicity they even look sick. You can’t tell where they are coming from or what their motives are. What am I saying? Our verse will help me say it better.

“Some indeed preach Christ even of envy and strife; and some also of good will” Philippians 1:15

This verse separates people by their motives. Sometimes we don’t know where our motives are. I had a wise man once ask me, Terri, what do you really want? Do you want to be healed so you can stay better? Or do you want to be healed so you can keep doing what made you sick? He was a mentor and what did he do? He separated out my toxic motives from the healthy ones.

People can go as far as they want to with God.

There have been times I’ve preached Christ out of envy and strife. Yes, me. Early on I wanted to prove myself. Then I learned about my motives. Wow. What a difference! Now, I just hate seeing people get hurt. You, my friend are dear to me. I pray for you and every reader of this blog. I know you are stronger than you think you are. I know you are more wonderful and more sensitive than anyone knows. I know you have prayers and requests and I pray for them too. I may not know each one, but God does. He knows you. And you matter to us. I know if you have read my blog for a long time that you are getting strong. Those who’ve read and followed and tried this stuff see that it works. I’m just teaching what I learned. I’m mentoring from a place of having “been there.” I marvel at the transformation because I never used to be this nice. I was so mean for a while, I couldn’t stand being alone with myself. But I had to face that and decide to change. I had to admit when I was being selfish and just plain wrong. Unbelievably, when I did, I traveled lighter. I saw things with less of a bias. I relaxed more, because I wasn’t busy defending my wrong point of view. Motives are personal, they can be trivial or they can be huge. Whatever they are, they are ours and they will decide how far we go or how much we’re held back.

When God decided to have a child, He created sperm inside Mary’s body and watched as it grew. Talk about a proud Father! Every moment of Jesus’s birth and life was lovingly blessed because he was God’s only biological son. When it came time to put the plan in motion for salvation, God could have said, no. I won’t do it. Jesus Christ could have said no too. But they humbled themselves to something that gave us, mere humans not much more than animals, a chance at an eternal prize. I don’t think I could ever be that humble. Here’s the point.

When we humble our pride, our motives run clear and pure.

We detox our inner man. Use this time to ask God if there is any motive standing in your way of growth. He may not tell you if you’re not ready to hear, but just know you’re on the right path and you’re doing a great work. This spiritual detox can and will save your life.

God bless you today!

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