Are You a Ducker or a Streamer?

Lightning (Photo credit: Pete Hunt)


Last night we had a whopper of a storm. Lightening and thunder tore through our city like an early 4th of July celebration. Now I finally understand why. I just read the most incredible article about lightning. (click here to read) But what started me searching was, a friend of mine told me an amazing fact about it. Lightening comes down from the clouds in what’s called step leaders but electric charges also go up to meet them, called streamers, making the path a two-way trip. That wowed me. The earth has to have some way to neutralize it’s over electrically charged atmosphere during storms so lightning is how it does that. They say lightning is hotter than the surface of the sun and more powerful and mysterious than any other earthly phenomenon. Isn’t God soo cool! Only He could think of that. And the thunder, oh that’s exploding air around the lightning because it made the air too hot, too fast. No wonder it gets so loud.

What does this have to do with our verse?

I’m so glad you asked.

“And in nothing terrified by your adversaries: which is to them an evident token of perdition, but to you of salvation, and that of God.” Philippians 1:28

The men of earlier civilizations worshipped lightening as a god. Lightening terrified natural man and the cult and religious leaders used its unpredictable nature to manipulate them. They would even try to predict the future this way. If the storms came with much lightning and little rain, they would claim that the god of storms were angry with their subjects. The men of those days didn’t realize it was all because hot water rising collided with cold water falling causing an ion separation. Then the ion separated from their water molecules began to party and more and more built to the point of causing a highly charged electrical field. The process could be compared to a woman with way too many hormones running around in her blood stream. These men also didn’t know that the earth needed to neutralize and have a good ol’ fashioned cry. Hey, we women could have told them it’s called PMS! Ha! And we always feel better when it’s over. Not only is lightening a good thing, it’s a phenomenon! (just like women…but I digress.) 🙂

Lightening starts forest fires and these fires are a cleansing process for the surface of our planet too. Some pine trees only go to seed during the extreme heat of forest fires. Wow! God had this all figured out. Of course it wouldn’t seem good for the uneducated. It would have been terrifying. In fact, some of our evangelical brothers and sisters are touting the end of the world because of more earthquakes and fires happening. FOLKS, it’s just PMS. It’s a neutralizing and cleansing of our systems. It’s the way our earth cleans itself of the waste. It starts a renewal process.

Keep in mind that God knew our plastic bottles would line the oceans. He knew our garbage would become toxic, God knew all of that. That’s why He’s planning an eventual new heaven and new earth. But to use the weather systems to predict what God is doing here, is a huge error and a very old, well-worn trick. God is God. He knows how and when to change everything out. This is one big guy we’ve got for a Father. He’s the maker of the lightning and He calls us His masterpieces. That brings me back to the point.

God sent His son Jesus Christ so that we could become fine-tuned conduits of His power and love.

In a normal electronic charge the conduit has no choice and is used whether they want it or not. This is not how God designed our situation. He gave us each freewill. We can duck and hide or we can rise up and become streamers of His power and love meeting the ground floor in any situation. We have the choice of how, when, where and what we do to become a contact point for God. When the devil over-charges the environment and gets out of control will you and I help God neutralize the situation by checking in and praying the way He needs us to pray. There will be lightning and thunder (or exploding air), there will be reactions to this phenomenon. Are you ready? Will you take up the call? When I think of my walk this way, it makes me want to prepare and be ready for lightening. How about you?

God bless you today

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