A Must-Know Leadership Technique For You

Paul was in the business of doing God’s business, and like any CEO, Paul needed people to help him along his way. When Paul needed things done, God gave him apostles and leaders who could help him. We see this business mentioned in the next few verses. But he used an amazing leadership technique to empower those helpers. Check this out.

“Yet I supposed it necessary to send to you Epaphroditus, my brother, and companion in labour, and fellowsoldier, but your messenger, and he that ministered to my wants.” Philippians 2:25

 I would like to show you the literal translation.

“Yet a certain matter urged me to send you Epaphroditus, my brother, helper, and co-worker, but your apostle and an attendant to my need.”

Epaphroditus was a worker and minister in Philippi and anyone who doubted that would be going up against the Apostle Paul’s word. This is a very valuable recommendation for Epaphroditus. But no wonder Paul recognized his efforts. He brought supplies to Paul from their group’s tithe and abundant sharing, things that Paul needed. What are these? What are a man’s basic needs? Food, clothing, and for Paul maybe writing, reading and studying supplies. We don’t “know” what Epaphroditus brought, but we know Paul was extremely thankful. This is a HUGE deal! We will study, in detail, more about this in later verses, but I urge you to read ahead today and take special note of Paul’s thoughts on how big of a deal their giving is. (Phil. 4:10-19)

Let’s get back to our verse. What was the leadership technique? It is what I call the, “Shout Out”.

Here is an example:

“Hey look everybody, Joe recruited 5 new people today and empowered his department to work harder, wow, great job Joe! If you want to know how to do things right, Joe is doing it right. He is a great example.”

Good leadership recognizes the people who are working it. Epaphroditus was one of the great examples and this letter is an opportunity for Paul to do give him a “shout out”. One of the great human motivators is recognition. For God’s people it’s no different only we can do it by revelation!

women in business-001

Look around your life today and ask God who you can recognize and ask what to recognize. It’s empowering, uplifting and can cause a chain reaction of love and deliverance.

Try it and see what God thinks of those working around you. You’ll be amazed how it improves your attitude of those people too.

God Bless You today

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