What is Our Success Engine?

What is the engine to a happy marriage, an abundant life, a smoothly operating business, and your walk with God?


Terri, do you really have the answer to all that in one verse?

Yes. I do.

“But I rejoiced in the Lord greatly, that now at the last your care of me hath flourished again; wherein ye were also careful, but ye lacked opportunity.”

Let’s get you the literal so you can chomp on it.

“Now I rejoiced greatly in the lord when your concern for my welfare revived. Of course you were concerned but lacked a convenient opportunity to demonstrate it.” Phil: 4:10

Giving starts with concern. God is the maker of every emotion, cell, membrane and muscle in your mind or body. He put a tool inside you that knows when to empathize and when not to. He can energize sympathy, love, humor, sadness, joy and in our verse today, concern. Have you ever thought about someone but it just kept nagging at you? God might just be “reviving” some concern for someone. Now think of this from a delegating and an employer aspect.

You are a busy boss of a large productive company with huge to do lists on your plate every day. You delegated and trusted your Human Resources department with “concern”. Anytime something comes up within the scope of your company they come to you with it. You, as the boss and the last say in all matters concerning the company, then take the right action. Things become simple, less time-consuming and accurate down to the minute of when a need is needed. Wow. Now that’s a well oiled engine!

Now, why couldn’t we delegate all our emotions to God the same way? Why couldn’t we ask for Him to remind us when something needs to happen. Ask Him to pester us and not go away until we do it? Okay, I’ve tried this and yes this amazing gift of Holy Spirit is highly programmable!!  It filters everything through your needs, time constraints and heart’s desires and then through what God knows is best for you. How can you go wrong with this kind of delegation!? Yes! I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. I’ve even asked God to wake me up at the right time in the morning and have accurately done so for the last 8 years. I have never missed an appointment because I overslept. When I discovered how easy this was, I quickly gave God everything. I’m not worried for a second that I’ll miss something important because I know He’ll remind me. He does all the tough stuff and I, because I care to do God’s will, participate by putting into action everything I comprehend that He says.

 There isn’t a human alive besides Jesus Christ who did or will be able to get it 100% of the time, but wow!

My percentage of hitting the nail on the head has improved dramatically. Now here’s the clincher. God knows my life and my busy schedule intimately. He’s never going to give me more than I can handle. He also knows I’m willing and want to pray for things or do things HE wants done. There are things happening in the world God has me praying about but I have no idea WHY they are on my plate. But I know, because I delegated to Him my prayer time, that He is only putting the most important things on there. I could get better about this but for now, if I get a thought to pray for someone, I do it right then and there. Who knows what they are going through that needs prayer? God does. What if we had 15,000 Christians who were willing to put on their elephant ears and act when and how God said to act. This would be a different country. Most Christians go to God with just their needs. They never ask Him to put His needs on there.

What is the potential?

The sky is not even the limit because God is bigger than the sky! He can put your day into action and make it more productive. He can tell you how many minutes to study for a test without burning out, or work on each project or devote your energy to family needs. He can show you what relationships will take more time, which ones will take less and be just as blessed. He can put your life on a path of extreme high-octane production. Your output will change drastically because now you’re planning your life and mental health by what the CREATOR of your mind and health shows you will benefit YOU the most. You will go further faster, you will pick up new skills with ease and you will enjoy them with a deeper passion because the Creator of the Universe is directing your steps. When I started painting last December God accelerated the learning until I am painting like I’ve painted for twenty years. All that credit goes to God for His amazing engine of success. I keep it well oiled by always staying in fellowship. Broken fellowship is like a broken assembly line. Everything shuts down. My attitude is simple, I trust and obey. I just keep asking, “What’s next God?”


This blog is coming up on its 600th post. To me that’s a big number because I didn’t think I’d be blogging….like…ever. I’d like to celebrate by inviting you to a women’s retreat in Ten Sleep Wyoming at the Circle J Ranch. I’ll be the keynote speaker there Friday September 27 and 28th. It will be an amazing time of rejuvenation and fun fellowship. If this sounds like fun to you, message or email me or the manager of the ranch Eloise. She can let you know the cost of the weekend. If you know someone who would enjoy this kind of weekend, forward the info to them. I’m very excited to meet you and hope you can come join me.

God Bless You Today!

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