Good Reminders for How to Stay Positive

Negatives are like mosquitos on a blood hunt.

How do we keep them out of our compact space? How do we stay focused? Like a dog on a bone.

Here are some good reminders.


Change comes from the inside out.

When you are discouraged, hide your head in God’s Word till it changes. Then come out.

Discouragement is a trick.

Have your mind well arranged.

A measure of a champion is how she focuses her mind.

dog nose-001

The adversary wants to jam your mental circuits.

The more Word you drive into your heart, the more power you will have to use against the adversary.

Think what the Word says.

Why don’t you be honestly positive, instead of honestly negative?

We must learn to never confess a negative. When you have a problem never tell more people than necessary.

Keep your head above negatives by filling your mind with truth.

Positive thoughts combat negative thinking.

Be Word conditioned, not circumstance conditioned.

We must look up to God and not down at the problem.

Be in front of need in life’s situations. Put on the Word.

Take stock of your thoughts.


Change always involves work.

You only get hurt when you allow yourself to be hurt.

Get your mind off yourself and on the Word.

It isn’t what you think, it’s what the Word says you should think.

Thinking patterns determine your heart.

We have to get the hurt and dirt out of our lives.

Sin makes you sick. The love of God in the renewed mind makes you well.

Obstacles never defeat anybody, we just allow obstacles to defeat us.


These are out of a quote book from eons ago by a great biblical teacher named V.P. Wierwille.

God bless you today!

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