A House with a Wish list

Jagged parts of thoughts, images, wishes, and dreams of a new home swirl around in the food processor of her mind. As Judith stands inside the run down weed infested fence line, she asks, is this the one God? It is perfect. Except for the “being hammered” part. Her mind sees the house in perfect shape. She has a large imagination so she can picture a green lawn, bursting garden, and sapling trees waving in the wind. As an incurable optimist Judith doesn’t see the hip-high weeds, the overgrown bushes, the holes in the sheet-rock, the cracks in the cement, or the smell of dog permeating the house. She sees a home.

All her realtor sees is a house with a wish list.


This reminds me of how easy it is to judge the potential of a person by what we see. It’s okay to judge a house this way, but a human is a far different subject. We can’t just flip through a magazine and say, there’s a genius, there’s a loser, there’s a multi-millionaire, there’s the makings of a best friend, a perfect child or a perfect mate. But for some reason, that what we desperately want. Oh if it were that easy.

Actually it is.

Uh oh. Here Terri comes with all her theories and resolutions.

We’re just humans with a wish-list. Yup, me too. I wish it were “catalogue” easy. But there’s a difference between wishes and reality. Now don’t get sour, that difference is God.  We’ve all seen the perfectly manicured homes with beautiful landscaping, paint, fixtures and structure. How about a life that way? God is all about those wish lists. He loves to heal the cracked hearts, the holes in the emotions, and repair the attitude. He loves to check off every heart’s desire until you feel like you are living that life. What are you waiting for? As with any house, taking it from wish-list to reality takes time, effort, and concentrated work. But isn’t it worth it? It’s the adventure of a life time.

“Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” Psalms 37:4

They say the daring do. So let’s do this!

God Bless You Today!

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