Well It Finally Happened…

I finally split my work space up and moved my right brain activities to their own space downstairs. I used to have a ten by twelve spare bedroom for all my work, writing, painting, blogging, businesses and library and I could barely stand to walk in there because it was so cluttered with the two halves of my brain! My neat and tidy left brain tried to keep it organized with all the business stuff while my creative, and  often times messy, right brain had giant explosions of art, design and general painting equipment.

Sometimes Splitting Up Can Make Life Simpler and More Focused.

So I took a vote and my brain halves and God decided splitting the two up would be the most productive and highest use of my focus. Now, some of you might be wondering if I’m talking about personalities here but I’m not. It’s the same personality in both organizing and art, but there’s a big difference in the bi-products that come out of the work. The left brain organizes and pays bills, manages the ad agency, art business and marketing. The right brain is loose, creative and fun. (To see some of my latest art work click here.) I usually listen to music when I paint. When I write, unless it’s fiction, I like total silence. Weird, but true. Do you see why I had to split these two up?

Here is an after-shot of my office after I moved everything out. I almost didn’t have room to sit at that large desk. Sorry there’s no “before” picture for you. (Boy it needs some flowers or something huh. Lol…)image


I had so much extra space downstairs that I was amazed…at first, once I moved my giant canvases, easel and other furniture down I filled it up quick. I felt so relieved and excited that even my painting pallet became fun again. If we thought the art and writing were good before, now just think of how this move will make it even better!

Wow! I feel productive, focused and ready to work. My New Years goals usually revolve around being more productive anyway so this fits right in with them. How about you?

imageThis is a picture of “Turbo” the snail who stumbled onto my messy, new pallet. My son got the movie for Christmas and now, since Isaac can hang out with me in my studio, he watched it while I painted.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Are you going to diet? Work out more? Become a better listener? Work on your relationship with God? I’d love to hear your ideas. I’d just love to hear from you.

God Bless You today!

3 thoughts on “Well It Finally Happened…”

  1. Yay! Looks like a much better space!
    I haven’t thought about a resolution for this year, but a couple years back I made a resolution to better my relationship with God. I even proclaimed this in front of my atheist friends. Holy moly did my spiritual life take off that year! That was 2010 now that I think about it. And I can barely believe where my life is now. That year I started dating Jonathan, now I married, and blessings abound in my life.


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